If there’s one thing you can predict every autumn, it’s the return of the gothic glam trend.

JXY n’ Cuso hasn’t tried to fight that; instead, the designer duo has played it safe with their inaugural entry to New York Fashion Week.

Jaxon Yang and Nina Cuso are the creative forces behind the JXY n’ Cuso brand. Making your first appearance at New York Fashion Week – and making sure it’s not your last – is no mean feat, but the pair are no doubt signing up for their S/S19 slot right this second.

Their F/W 2018 collection put a feminine, whimsical spin on the predictable gothic vibe, making us want to dress up dark more than ever before.

Heavy eyeliner complimented the look, as did heavy amounts of hairspray no doubt. The designs were accompanied by long Rapunzel-esque ponytails twisted from top to bottom and mysteriously held in place.

Sometimes the gothic glam trend gives off evil Godmother style vibes, but the NXY n’ Cuso F/W18 was more like a badass – and that’s exactly who we wanted to be when we took our seat at Pier 59 Studios.

The collection is a little bit dark but every bit as magical, with capes and sleek whites bringing the range over to the right side of good and evil.

NXY n’ Cuso F/W18 was inspired by nightmares and a dimension that is unidentified.

The unknown itself is a quality most of us fail to find beauty in. Every look is a different god in their very own universe. When an individual walks into a room, their Aura is beyond comprehension. They instantly capture and hold the atmosphere. Their presence is so powerful that without speaking, they dominate every aspect of that room.

The colors used within this collection are carefully selected that are well known vessels and representatives of power, Crimson red for blood, Navy Blue for the Ocean, Porcelain White for light, and Pitch black for darkness.

It may have been inspired by nightmares, but the NXY n’ Cuso F/W18 collection has just become a thing of our dreams.

Photos by Geremy Dubensky