Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life, so it’s something you want to get right and have fond memories of forever. However, that doesn’t mean to say you need to follow the crowd; your big day is personal to you and your partner and so it should reflect that. It’s a chance to get creative, have some fun and really adapt things to you as a couple.

One way you can go about doing this is by DIY-ing some parts of your wedding, if you or any members of your family have a particular skill or you just like to craft you can create something unique to you and save yourself some cash in the process. Here are some of the ways you can go about it!


Baking your own wedding cake might seem like an enormous task, especially if you look at the intricate professional designs on Pinterest and in cake shops. However, you could keep it simple and create something beautiful without being a skilled cake maker.

Use a ready made cake mix set if you want to be sure it will turn out absolutely right, and follow the instructions carefully. For the larger tiers you will need a number of boxes but it’s an inexpensive and easier way of doing things.

Naked wedding cakes are very popular and means you won’t need to mess around with fiddly fondant icing – simply slice each tier in half and fill with jam and buttercream and put them onto a cake stand. From there you can decorate with fruit and flowers.

If you’re more confident, you could give the icing a go – you can buy ready rolled fondant and there are tutorials online telling you how you can get the best finish.

Wedding cupcakes are another idea you could try; these look impressive when stood on a tiered stand but are easier to make and decorate. Another option would be to buy a plain, ready made wedding cake – some nicer supermarkets sell these by the tier so you can purchase the perfect size. From there you can decorate it yourself and save yourself a fair bit of money compared with buying custom made.


If you or anyone you know is a dab hand at design, how about creating your own wedding stationery? This includes things like invites, RSVPs, table numbers and place cards. There are sites which have templates that you can work from, or if you’re skilled with Photoshop you could create something from scratch. The good thing about this is you can incorporate your exact colours and really customise them to what you want – great if you want something a little more unusual.

Otherwise you could go with something like Paper Themes wedding invites and stationery if you wanted a very crisp and professional finish. But DIY is a good option here, just be sure you’re printing them out onto nice paper. You could also glue extra things on such as ribbon or twine if you had more time to get through them.


One of the most expensive elements of your wedding day is the flowers. Beautiful flowers are such an important part of the day too, but if you’re not looking to spend a fortune on them or just want something more custom there are options.

If your wedding date is further off in the future, why not grow some of your own? Roses and lilies for example are expensive to buy but easy to grow, so if you can plant up a load of them you will have tonnes of luxury flowers for your wedding for just the cost of the bulbs. You could ask family members to do this too if they’re keen gardeners.

Another option would be to buy supermarket flowers and create your own bundles. These will be much cheaper than going to a florist and most have plenty of choices available.

Finally, you could bulk up your bundles with wildflowers. Go and pick a selection the night before your wedding to add to your bouquets – just be sure you’re picking them from a place that’s legal. Private land, for example, is off limits, but if you have public woods, rivers and meadows nearby you could scoop up some pretty wildflowers and it won’t cost you a penny.

If you’re going to buy flowers, speak to your florist about different options. You can often save money by using a limited number of the more luxurious flowers and use less expensive ones to fill them out.


There are lots of beautiful wedding decorations you can buy, even shops on the high street have wedding sections that you can pick things out from.

But if you wanted to get creative there are lots of ways to go about it. You could spray mason jars and wrap twine around the opening of the jar for a pretty, shabby chic look. You could make big paper pom pom flowers, candle arrangements and so much more. Your best bet is to look on sites like Pinterest and Instagram for ideas, head down to your local craft store for supplies! You could even made an evening with it, get your bridal party round to help while you drink wine and make wedding plans!


Finally, there are some gorgeous ready made favours you can buy. Things like French macarons, soaps, candles and more – if your budget is a little bigger you can really treat your guests here.

If you’d rather go DIY, one option would be to buy some pretty favour boxes from eBay – they’re cheap and you can buy them in bulk. Then fill them with whatever you think is suitable – one idea would be to have different favours for men, women and children. Edibles are always good, or you could go with something that’s more of a keepsake.

Will you be/ did you DIY any elements of your wedding? When do you think is best to buy over DIY?