Tired of turkey? Sick of stuffing? Feeling queasy at the thought of more festive food? Well no wonder, it’s January. But mid-December, this is exactly how we felt. Luckily, ‘Thai Square’ had a solution. Our fave Thai chain replaced pigs in blankets with delicious spring-rolls as part of their very own ‘Four Regions’ party menu.


The ‘Four Regions’ menu represented the northern, central, north east and southern areas of Thailand and include both meat and vegetarian options.

We tucked into traditional northern Thai dishes, on offer in the Trafalgar Square branch, and kicked off our evening by trying out their shared mixed starters. Included were lots of little pastry parcels, and the blend of flavours – few of which we could distinguish – lead to a pleasantly surprising treat for the tastebuds, and the vegetarian fillings were just as good as the meat and fish.

Our favourite main dish was the ‘Royal Green Curry’ from the ‘Chiang Mai’ menu. Now, I’ve tried a lot of Thai green curries in my time, and this was without a doubt the best yet. The lobster was crispy on the outside with a perfectly soft centre – probably due to its slow cooking in rich coconut sauce. Who needs a turkey crown when you can eat like royalty in Thai Square?!



We also tried the ‘Aubergine with Basil’ which counterbalanced the strong flavours of the curry, instead offering a light vegetarian dish with a sauce that was fragrant, yet not too sweet. Unlike the lobster however, the aubergine felt like it slightly lacked something, and was slightly rubbery.

Nonetheless, we felt satisfied – and full – after finishing. But, as is usually the case when you feel like you’re going to burst, the best part of the meal was still to come. The waiter emerged with two dainty glasses of coconut ice cream smothered in mango sauce. Deliciously fragrant and sweet, it stole the show, and the only down-side was the modest portion size!

The great thing about Thai Square is that you know regardless of the branch, you are going to receive excellent service in an atmosphere that feels both authentic with a hint of class. It’s fun, it’s laidback, and you can choose whether you feel like dressing up or dressing down.

If you’re yet to experience ‘Thai Square’ make this the year you try Thai!