Life does its best to make us feel uncertain and that it is against us, however, we can absolutely get through this unscathed. Yes there will be ups and downs, but we all have a bright future. With a little work and adjustment when needed, life can be a joy to live.

We have suggested how to face difficult problems, this is more how to keep your mental state in check when facing bumps in the road. We all can absolutely do whatever we want, but our mental capability cannot always stretch with our physical. So this is an article that should help ease the pressure and guide you through your challenge.

So keep reading to find the best ways to tackle difficult challenges.

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Struggles can be good for us

We know that this sounds silly, and perhaps a little preachy, but bear with us here. Struggles are a natural  part of our lives, and is something that we all come against from time to time. It is undeniable, but struggles and adversity help build character, and make us stronger people.

Overcoming these things help us build resilience, and a great amount of resourcefulness to help us overcome the next issue we face in our life.

Learn to ignore the natural negativity bias

As humans we are programmed to lean towards the negative. We always assume the worse, and never expect the more positive outcome to come true, even though it more than likely will. This is perceived and actual threats that we mentally flag.

Again this is all in our heads, but hang the ability to focus on the positivity will change our outlook on life, and push us in the right direction; forwards. Don’t assume you will fail and give up, assume you will succeed and try harder than ever before.

Keep track of how you feel

When facing challenges that feel tricky, keep track in a diary or a journal. These will help you work out your strategy, and give your thought process space to flourish and develop in real time. It will also help from a body of coping strategies that will inform you next time you come up against a challenge.

We are big fans of journaling and using habit trackers here at PlusMinus, and highly recommend it as a form of keeping our headspace neat and tidy.

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Get out of the house!

Exercise and being in nature has been proven undeniably to boost our moods, and help ease our stresses. Getting out into the world will not only change your perspective on the challenge at hand, but will also give your head the chance to relax and concentrate on your surroundings.

Having even 10 minutes in the open space and out of your work space will give you the chance to feel very differently about the challenges you are facing.

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