Technology has never been more of an important part of our daily lives and the way it shapes our world.  De Montfort University’s students have clearly considered this in their approaches to their collections. It is clear that technology is blended seamlessly with design to create dynamic collections and designers.    

Darren Scott

Bold and bright Scott’s collection had a real technical feel, balancing outdoorsy silhouettes with streetwear detailing. We loved the strapping in primary colours as well as the fur detail zip pull. This was a fun collection from a designer who clearly has a strong eye.

Rosie Allanby

Soft and technical is hard to bring together, harder still when it has been done in knitwear. This is exactly the feat that Allanby achieved. Playing with fraying, detailing and curved hems meant that this was a dynamic collection full of intrigue and interest.

Hannah Barnett

Barnett presented what we like to think of as desert chic. The neutral sandy colours were elevated by some spectacular detailing. With most of the garments featuring hook and eye closures, from detachable cuffs to the closure on a sleeve. This detail had so much of a wow factor and highlighted how technical the collection was.

Ahnees Butt

This collection was a riot of colour, print and style. The mix of fabrics really shows a talent in design and a knowledge of print. This mix of paint splattered denim and digital pastel marble printed flowing pleated fabric was so beautiful. We loved how these garments floated down the runway like tropical butterflies.

Imogen Weller

Sometimes collections lack control and are hard to understand. Imogen Weller presented a collection that was beautifully controlled. There was such a sense of curation both in her prints and her designs. Colour could have exploded yet it felt like a pastel waterfall on the garments. Control has never been so stunning.

Lauren Nisbet

We loved the eclectic mix within each look that Nisbet sent down the runway. One particular look saw structural thick cream knitwear sitting atop an intricately panelled kilt like skirt. This was all over what looked like a gym jacket. Nisbet certainly has a eye for detail and that eye has got serious style.

Eleanor Bandey

There were many facets to this collection. Firstly there was the structured ruffles that covered legs on soft sheer jump suits. This was contrasted with statements  printed on the back of knickers. One such reading ‘our rights are not up for grabs’ all the while the Spice Girls ‘Wannabe’ blasted out. We got a real sense of Bandey’s strong viewpoint in her collection and it had us saying zigazig-ah.

Abisola Akanni

With strong tribal prints this collection packed a punch visually. However it got better the closer we looked. Delicate woven sections added detail to the prints. Soft oversized pieces with neon pops, everything was bright. This menswear collection had us strengthening our argument for unisex clothes, we want it all.

Charlotte Cox

We love a strong theme at PMHQ and Charlotte Cox gave us just that. The collection’s overall theme was packaging; featuring denim mixed with a unique cardboard printed fabric, vacuum sealed bags all topped off with fragile tape applied onto slides. Hints of recycling and awareness of the air miles fashion has further strengthened this collection. We loved it, package it up we’ll collect it on the way out.

All Images c/o De Montfort University