Here at Plus Minus, we must admit that laundry is not our forte. We love to wear clothes, shop for them and customise them to our tastes but washing them… not so much.

Even when we’re meandering through London or travelling the world, we always pack extra as you can never predict a red wine stain. We like to come prepared. But what if you could carry a dry shampoo with you for your clothes?

Each and every bottle has an anti-odour technology that lifts malodours and leaves outfits with a light and airy fresh linen smell.

That’s where Day2 comes in – it is the world’s first dry wash spray for clothes. Much like dry shampoo, it restores your locks, or in this case, your clothing to looking and feeling freshly washed and pressed. You must be thinking, what’s the catch right?

The ground-breaking product is designed to breathe new life into clothes, giving people the confidence to extend their wear for an extra day. Even better, every bottle helps save 60 litres of water (a full wash load) so it helps save time, money, water and energy. The bottles are also powered by air, meaning they are carbon neutral when sprayed.

Not only will you save money on your water bill or not have to pester the housekeeping to launder your clothes, but you’ll be able to pack less (if you want to).

A product designed to be used on already worn, but not dirty clothes, allowing users to refresh their garments in-between washes.

The creators of Day2 came up with the concept after discovering 40% of clothes in the washing machine are not actually dirty. These are clothes which often start on the ‘chairdrobe’ or the ‘floordrobe’ – that halfway-house in the bedroom for not-quite dirty clothes – which nearly half the population admit to having. Day2 is the solution to this daily challenge.

How does it work?

Simply lay your chosen item of clothing on a flat surface, spray it lightly, smooth out the fabric and leave the piece to hang. Within just 15 minutes the garment will be softer, smell fresher and as if by magic it will appear as though freshly ironed. Perfect for eliminating creases from a t-shirt that has become crumpled in your suitcase whilst travelling, refreshing a tired shirt that has lost its crispness or for saving you time and money on that trip to the dry cleaners for your delicates.

How we’ll be using Day2 this summer: 

  • On our overnight trips to the beach

  • After one or two hundred shots and having to rush to work the next day *cue the hangover*

  • Finally sorting out our floordrobes

Where to buy?

Day2 is available in a 200ml original version, suitable for most fabric types and designed to be stored in the bedroom. The original spray also comes in a 75ml travel sized version, perfect for weekend mini-breaks or for your gym bag.

The full range is available now at £7.50 for the 200ml version and £4.00 for the 75ml travel spray, including free P&P online at