Stepping into the House of Malan Breton was something we were looking forward to the WHOLE of London Fashion Week. Breton, now on the main schedule, really took this moment to shine. Breton has always been up there with the greats, providing megawatt collections that would steal any show.

Needless to say there was a great deal of anticipation as we entered the House of St Barnabas in Soho, the space was dark and mysterious. Breton had a story to tell, and it was dark and delicious. This was an immersive presentation, going beyond all that we had seen before.

A presentation always allows an audience more time with the collection. We expected amazing things, what we got was so much more than that. Rooms and rooms filled with intricate and sensual story telling, the collection became an integral part of the story.  

This 1920s fantasy was weaved by a creative genius, the back story was a delight and gave real depth to it.

“What if we could know the stories of the mad man, the other side of life as told by victims, what if we could know the pain, the suffering, the loss and abandon that bring the antagonists to madness.”

“In this exploration of psyche we learn that the evil, the unkind were once pure. What if we knew their joys, and could save them before their last moments.”

Malan, as always, is an artist working with real human emotions to make a collection that really speaks to the wearers. His collections line red carpets, this kind of event dressing is the collection’s star quality. However, this season we saw trainers from Sketchers, an addition that highlighted that we can all wear Breton’s collection. These are a clothes that are wearable and a joy to behold.

Talking of the garments, let’s take a moment to talk about the actual clothes. They were more than just clothes. When partnered with this setting they took on a life of their own. As always Breton wowed us with tailoring, giving us suits in a myriad of textures, prints and cuts – if smart suiting is your vibe then Breton is for you.

We also fell head over heels for the sensual gowns, in bold colours, with yards and yards of tulle. These ballroom beauties were beyond beautiful, they were sensational. We loved the addition of leather to the looks. With our personal favourite, a show stealing royal blue puff sleeved floor length dress, which gave us bondage meets Jane Eyre vibes.

By now you must be able to tell, that we absolutely adored this collection. The setting, the garments, the emotions, the mood and the artistry all made it an absolutely unforgettable season for Malan Breton.