Grabbing our seat on the front row of Dans La Vie by Rita Sugawara, we knew that this was the show that would not be conventional in any sense of the word. Known for pushing the boundaries of convention beauty and going against anything deemed normal, we were however surprised to see Genderless Mode on our invite, having assumed this was always a thread that ran through the collections that Sugawara presents.

Bold prints took hold the minute the lights came up, bold camouflage, checkerboard and strong geometric shapes on athleisure pieces as well as tailoring and skirts. When paired with placement designs such as dinosaurs seen throughout the collection had a youthful feel that seemed to fit this move in genderless clothes.

Genderlless often means oversized and almost tastless garments, and Sugawara did not seem to cater to this. The garments themselves presented a fresh take on choice over specific gendered garments. The looks themselves could be deconstructed and worn by anyone, featuring tees, leggings, strong denim pieces and jackets. It is clear that Sugawara is aware that by presenting a selection of separates in this way allows anyone to wear the looks.

What may have been seen in previous collections as femininity is recycled and turned into a sense of fun and versatilely presenting a brand of clothing that allows everyone to access it and enjoy it? Not only is this a move that suits the changing boundaries within the constructs of gender but it allows a whole new market access to a brand.

This wasn’t what we were expecting, this collection seemed to push the boundaries of what it means to make genderless clothing, this is a bold move by Sugawara and may not suit everyone’s ideas surrounding fashion but we are sure that it will pay dividends.