Makeup and beauty is a huge multi billion pound industry in the U.K. right now. We all want to look our best, when we were growing up we had magazines and just about YouTube. It has all changed now though.

Now the younger generation have a whole raft of influencers to follow. Yes instagram is the place to be if you want to increase your daily eyeshadow game, as well as your whole beauty look.

Keep reading to find The best Make up Gurus to follow for daily eyeshadow looks and so much more!

Danny Defreitas

Danny is one of the biggest superstars we love to binge watch on Instagram. Their addictive and fast paced videos talk you through bold and easy to achieve looks. We love Danny’s energy and inclusive vibe.

Paired with Defreitas’s killer bone structure all their looks are so so stunning!


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Nikkie Tutorials

If you are looking for the OG beauty influencer, then you are in the right place. Nikkie basically launched a thousand careers in influencer marketing, youtubers, and ad revenue execs. Nikkie is where makeup goes to be AMAZING.

Her comprehensive looks are stunning, easy to follow and usually feature a range of products for all budgets. We adore Nikkie so much!


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Jeffree Star

What can we say about Jeffree? Well apart form being VERY jealous of his entire lifestyle, we adore Star’s makeup line. They bring so many fresh looks on their instagram, that we urge you to follow right now.

As bold as Star’s look is, we can all take inspiration from their colour combos and techniques!


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Pat McGrath

One of the biggest legends in the industry McGrath creates pure art with cosmetics. If you don’t follow McGrath, do you even like makeup?

Her cosmetics line is LEGENDARY. Her instagram is full of behind the scenes from her work all over the world from countless publications. Pat is a must follow.


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Lisa Eldridge

Eldridge is the global creature e director of Lancôme, and is a makeup GURU. We adore her work and her innovation in the industry. She has worked for so many magazines, tv shows and her impact is massive.

She also creates amazing products that are used and loved the world over.


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Patrick Starr

Starr is an icon of our times. Blurring the lines between gender and beauty they are smashing the game. Killer looks, advocacy and working with major brands, Starr is a triple threat.

Sure we might not all want to look like the genie from Aladdin every day, but who doesn’t want to be truly inspired every day?


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Sir John

Okay so Sir John is BEYONCÉ’s makeup artist. So we don’t need to tell you the level of excellence that you will be receiving. Follow for the best makeup you will ever see. Come on, if it’s Beyoncé approved there isn’t any reason for you not to be following.

Expect impeccable flawless finishes, and a level of excellence that is completely relatable and achievable at home! We cannot recommend anyone anymore!


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