Cutter & Squidge, the Soho-based bakery famous for its Biskie, have wowed us once again with the launch of their delightful Valentine’s collection.

The collection features a selection of loved-up Biskies as well as two new variations of their incredible Dream Cakes.

Everything in the collection is made from all-natural ingredients, so a little indulgence to celebrate the day of love is practically guilt-free!

Three love heart and rose petal biskies

Three of the Valentine’s-themed Biskies


Those of you who aren’t familiar with the bakery are probably wondering what exactly a Biskie is.

The best way to describe it is as a biscuit/cookie/cake hybrid which sandwiches a delicious filling of lightened buttercream.

It was invented by the bakers at Cutter & Squidge and what’s more, your choices of Biskie from the Valentine’s collection can be personalised free of charge in store so you personalise them for a special loved one.

A Share the Love Valentine's biskie box

The Share the Love Biskie Box


Other popular Biskie varieties that can be bought from the bakery include Jammie Hearts and Strawberry Kiss.

The Biskies can be bought individually at £3.90 each or you can treat someone special to the Share the Love Biskie Box, which includes four, for just £12.90.

A selection of biskies

A box of four Biskies, including the Jammie Hearts

The Dream Cakes are made with indulgent layers of moist sponge and are all individually hand-made and decorated.

Each cake serves an impressive 12 and for Valentine’s Day there’s two options, depending on how keen you are on the festival.

The Berries and Cream Heart Dream Cake is perfect for Valentine’s lovers and is luxuriously topped with white chocolate truffles and a rose petal heart.

For those of us who want to go for a more alternative option, there’s an Anti-Valentine’s Day Dream Cake which is loaded with brownies, pretzels, caramel and a few smashed love hearts.

Each Dream Cake is £27.50 and can be bought in store, ordered online or ordered over the phone.