Now bear with us, we haven’t gone crazy.

We all have memories of crocs, whether you loathed them or (in a moment of madness) embraced them as a pre-teen – we’ve all been there. Favoured by the catering and health industries for their practicalities, is it time the fashion world adopted crocs as the ‘it’ shoe of SS17?

If you feel guilty about wearing or even owning a pair, there’s no need to worry; even celebrities such as Leighton Meester and Alicia Silverstone were seen in crocs. Even royalty cannot escape the lure, with the Duchess of Cambridge herself seen donning a pair in recent years.

However the days of what many people may call ugly practical shoes could be over. Last September Christopher Kane showcased a new and – dare we say it – stylish pair of crocs. Soft apricot and lilac marble patterned crocs with geode-like charms stomped the runway last September and stopped the presses. They shocked the fashion world to it’s kitten-heeled core and, predictably, people took to twitter instantly to either celebrate or critique.

Now, 6 months on, the aforementioned crocs are in the shops. Delicate marble patterned mounded rubber shoes don’t instantly appeal on paper; however, in the light of day they have a fashionable charm. Forget the crocs of the past and delight in the beauty of the rock crystal charms that adorn the brand’s staple holes. It sure is a far cry from the sparkly flower charms that Crocs made their name with!

When was the last time a cult shoe was this comfortable? We say let your arches rejoice in the comfort of Kane’s rejuvenated crocs. What’s more they are selling fast, being stocked in one of fashion’s most prodigious stores, Colette, and premium e-tailors such as Farfetch.

The jury is still out on this one at PMHQ, but one thing is certain: we will being seeing a lot of crocs this coming season, and we won’t be as quick to judge them….