This season Creatures of the Wind invite us to get lost in their dreams, and this collection certainly would offer us the perfect dream. With a distinctly feminine feel, designers Shane Gabier and Chris Peters offered us a collection that played with proportions and print to create a unique and transformative selection of garments we need right now.

The opening look was a killer belted coat dress with a unique and covetable print of abstract people. The pattern (which featured on 3 other looks) resembled a community, and almost feels like Gabier and Peters see their consumer as part of a community. The Creatures of the Wind customer should seek comfort in the knowledge that fellow shoppers are like minded.

It is no surprise that designers are putting this kind of ethos into their garments, especially with all the political turmoil around the world as we speak. However, it is nice to see a message being delivered in a softer more thought provoking process.

When it comes to the other pieces in this collection, we adored the pops of emerald green seen across trousers to jackets. This was one of the boldest colours in the collection’s colour palette which predominantly focused on rich neutral tones paired with black.

We loved the almost inside out furs that looked as if they could be vintage and with beautiful embroidery remind us of up-cycling and rejuvenation of the things we already love. The collection as a whole felt very modern and fresh yet classic, allowing you to incorporate the pieces into your wardrobe for years to come instead of just months.

Creatures of the Wind offer us a dream we want to be enveloped in, *clicks add to basket*.

All Images c/o Creatures of the Wind