Having missed the chance to see Jayne Pierson the last few seasons, we were very excited as we took our seat on the front row.

Creating directional luxury womenswear, Pierson has a cult following, and is renowned on the celebrity circuit. This season was a touch different with special sponsorship and collaboration with Sketchers. Instead of going down the athlesiure route, instead it gave this luxury high end collection a sense of fun, and made it look incredibly wearable.

We loved the incredible shearling used though the collection that was simply stunning, giving a bright cozy feeling. It may sound a tad cliché, but cheerfulness and positivity shone from this collection, like bright fashion rainbows.

Pierson’s signature flair for colour and print was seen in hand drawn silk printed fabrics, as well as heavily detailed painted leathers that made up a large part of the collection.

We wanted to bring you the inside scoop on this collection. We caught up with Peirson after the show and grabbed five minutes of her time to talk about the collection.

If you had to sum up the collection in there words what would it be?

Fun powerful and empowering.

What do you want people to take from the show?

We are in a kind of depressing times, I want to put rainbow everywhere. I want people to feel that we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously, it is important that we understand that we should be having more fun.

We can all be a little too dour. I wear a lot of black, but I think I should be wearing more colour.

Do you think colour is important in setting the mood for the show?

Definitely, people do judge you on what you wear, and make assumptions. I think that if you come brightly coloured and puts a spin on it, and it is surprising how people respond to it.

Who is your woman, muse your idol?

Daphne Guiness darling!