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Creating the perfect mediation space in your home has never been so easy and with these simple tips you can easily have your own slice of serenity now too. Whether you are fully dedicated to meditating or are interested in taking it up, creating a dedicated space allows you to reap the full benefits from this brain boosting age-old practise. Meditating reduces stress, improves concentration and happiness, plus wait for it folks……it slows aging! If that isn’t enough of a reason to give meditating a go, then what is hey? By just giving your mind a little time out for just 10 minutes a day, you will notice that you will be calmer, happier and ready to take the world by storm.

So if you are ready to give your mind a boost, follow these simple tips to create your own beautiful sacred space…..

Choose a room or space that makes you feel good

The most important place to start is choosing the right spot in your home. Choose an area that is quiet, free from distractions and walk-through traffic. Is there a good amount of natural light? Does the space make you feel good and relaxed? Maybe you have a quiet spare room, loft conversion or even a pretty garden summerhouse that could be the perfect chill-out zone. Remember this should be somewhere you can completely switch off, so choose wisely.

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Simplicity is the key

Once you have chosen your meditation space, clear the clutter and keep it simple. Clutter in the space will cloud your mindset, so if in doubt; keep the scheme simple and clean.

Make it comfortable

This space is your little piece of serenity, so remember to decorate it however you like. Make the space comfortable with soft cushions and throws; maybe invest in a meditation pillow to help support you whilst in your seated position. Keep the temperature warm, but not too hot and stuffy. Choose soothing colours for the walls and allow a good amount of airflow throughout the space.

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Create a tranquil atmosphere

Filling the space with soothing energies will help you to focus and clear your mind fully. To create a tranquil atmosphere, include candles, aromatic oils or incense. Music is not necessary however if you live in a noisy city, a piece of soothing music or chants will help bring peace to the space.

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Add a touch of nature

A big part of meditating is about connecting with your surroundings, so by adding an element of nature, your space becomes infused with harmony and balance. Either include your favourite plants, flowers, a selection of shells or add a small fountain in your meditation area.

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Once your space is ready to go, you can now reward yourself and your mind with those feel-good 10 minutes a day – trust us, you will feel fabulous!


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