If you’re looking for a career change, or simply to find a job that meets your social expectation and your professional sense of satisfaction, you may want to investigate the opportunities in communication and advising. Indeed, in a world where digital exchanges and transactions seem to be ruling our most basic needs for communication – who hasn’t turned to social media to combat loneliness from time to time? –, companies and individuals have never been more exposed to communication errors and personal weaknesses. The ability to share knowledge and expertise online is an essential skill that leads you to establish a successful and profitable career. Admittedly, the core principle of an advising career is that you have gained the sufficient knowledge to support and help your clients and audience reliably. But as it’s impossible to go through life without learning from your personal and professional experiences, it’s fair to assume that you have, in your niche sector, the skills required to make the most of your online communication career.

High demand for talented freelancers

There is a high demand from the companies and from individuals for professional freelancers to guide them on their path to self-improvement. For instance, more and more businesses are looking at opportunities to work with renowned bloggers, as part of their marketing outreach strategy. In other words, becoming a passionate and qualified blogger is not only a great way to talk about what you love, but it’s a much in demand career too. If you’re a trained teacher or if you have useful skills, you could start a tutoring business for students, for example. Common topics such as Excels or foreign languages are always a good idea! Finally, at a time where self-esteem issues have never be so dramatic, a life coach can bring a lot of support and positive changes to people who need to redefine themselves and improve their life.

You can use your design as online branding strategy

Working from home doesn’t mean that you can’t make the most of your home office. Indeed, using your workplace as part of your branding communication, by sharing your interior decor on Instagram, can help you to gain a lot of positive attention. After all, working from home gives you the opportunity to create an inspirational and motivating space. However, it can be difficult to fund your home office settings without using fast business loans unsecured solutions. To apply for commercial financing, though, you need to establish yourself as an entrepreneur, aka someone who owns a company, instead of a freelancer.

You can earn a lot

You’ll be pleased to know that creating a blog is not just a matter of ensuring a small income. In fact, you can even build a prosperous and successful career, if you have the patience and the skills to grow your online presence. Indeed, some blogs such as Huffington Post can make up to $14 million per month. However, aside of being patient –- it will take several years–, you need to use your website as a way to showcase your personality, whether you choose to become a blogger or a life coach.

So, are you ready for a career in online advising?