Launching at the end of the month, Circlate is rumoured to be the hottest new app for discovering what’s going on around you in the UK. The set up is simple: users can choose to both start and join group conversations with one another based on shared location at the time. The length of distance that messages can be viewed is also at the discretion of the user and preferences can be easily adjusted.

Looking to sell gig tickets at the last minute? Send out an instant message! It’s a great way for residents and tourists to discuss recommendations and events in the area. And it’s likely that businesses will jump on the bandwagon by using the app to spread the word on jobs and promotions.

circlate app logo

With most apps placing prominence on self promotion and gaining ‘followers’, it’s unusual to find an app which boasts anonymity. However, founder Wayne Snyder argues that the idea came to him after yearning for precisely that whilst travelling Europe: “whilst I could find some location-based apps, they were focused on meeting people and I really did not want to meet new people or for people to see where I was, I just wanted to discuss the area with others.”

In keeping with this, the app uses your GPS to identify your location but does not share this with anyone else. Circlate isn’t a popularity contest and you don’t need to be social media savvy to use it. In fact, the simplicity of the app is what makes it so refreshing.

Circlate app

Still unsure if it’s for you? It’s free to download and if you do so before the end of January you will have the chance to enter a competition to win an iPad mini. Now there’s an offer we can’t resist!

Check out the website or search ‘Circlate’in the app store for more information.