CIAOBELLA is shaking up the way we shop for accessories – by putting the process of making a bag n the hands of their customers.

For decades the process of buying clothing and accessories has been the same but Monique Bodegom, the woman behind CIAOBELLA, is looking to change all that with her new brand.

It aims to let the customer be the deisgner, by allowing them to zip and click together their bag in the comfort of their own home.

A selection of purses that CIAOBELLA will offer.

A selection of purses that CIAOBELLA will offer.

At a certain moment in time, I think it was around four years ago, I found that I couldn’t find a brand anymore that was really fulfilling what my clients, in the shop and the retailers, needed,’ said Monique.

What we needed in our business was something that is attractive and offering a new and fun shopping experience where clients can use their own creativity to create the stuff they want.’

Clients of CIAOBELLA will be able to design their own bag online, then the parts will be delivered to their home where they can put it all together themselves.

CIAOBELLA build your own bag

The components of one of the bags

‘Instead of stitching them together, we deliver them with zips and clip rings so the client zips and clips it together exactly in the way they want. It’s as easy as LEGO, you just click it together,’ explained Monique.

As well as letting customers play designer, the concept also makes it incredibly easy for clients to change the colour of certain parts of each bag.

If you want to change the colour of the strap, for example, it’s as simple as detaching the original and putting the new one in its place.

CIAOBELLA build your own bag

Monique was originally inspired to set up the brand when she noticed just how popular more creative stores, like IKEA, were.

‘In Italy on a Sunday afternoon there’s traffic jams on the highways for people who want to go to IKEA. Why? it’s not because they all need a new couch, it’s because shopping has become fun,’ she explained.

‘If we want the clients back in the shops we need to offer a better shopping experience.’

As well as making the shopping experience more fun for her clients, Monique also wanted to give them the chance to really personalise the accessories they wear.

You can personalise your Fiat, you can personalise a lot of things and I thought it was really weird you cannot personalise something as personal as a bag or shoes,’ she said.

How often does it happen to all women? You looking for a pair of ballerinas and we see those ballerinas and the size is good and the material is good and the colour is good but then there’s this ugly bow stitched on it.’

The brand isn’t quite ready to open it’s doors to the public, but the basic colours (ivory, beige, brown, black, light grey) of each bag will be rolling into stores in May, so watch this space!