Christmas is well and truly upon us. When it comes to dressing on the big day it divides the nation and the PM team. Many people are in favour of PJs and comfort as the mode of operation for the big day. However, there are those that like to make a little more effort and dress up for Christmas.

So as with any sartorial quandaries, we put it to the PM team.

As I’ll be back in the land of the bonnie banks (aka Scotland) I’ll be wearing the comfiest clothes possible!!! I like to think I make an effort on Christmas Day, but the reality is I change into a ‘nice’ outfit for about an hour between breakfast and Christmas dinner… After eating it’s straight back to my warmest, and comfiest, pyjamas! Kudos to anyone who manages the whole day in slinky dresses and tight trousers- I take my (extra woolly) hat off to you.

– Rachel, Events Editor

As I get older my take on Christmas party wear is all about texture. So you’ll find me in velvet, sequins, fringe or all three. But in a bid to save a little money, I tend to recycle an old dress around new people (Life-hack guys) and jazz it up with cheap accessories. On Christmas Day you can find me hungover in pyjamas as it’s the one day of the year I refuse to glam up. This year I’m after a silky pair which I hope it sitting under the tree for me… New Year is my favourite night of the festive season and although you find me wandering the streets of Soho, I like to think I do it in style. I usually go for the ‘jeans and nice top’ option with the nice top being something a little risqué.

– Char, Features Editor

I used to be all about comfort on Christmas Day, but as I get older I enjoy the chance to dress up more and more. I usually stick to a “uniform” of comfortable clothes in a neutral palette, so Christmas Day is my chance to pull out the sequin number lurking at the back of my wardrobe and go full on with the sparkle! This year, I’ll be flying for 4 hours and driving for another 5 on Christmas Day, so it’s more likely I’ll be wearing jeans and a leather jacket (aka my heaviest clothes) for most of the day. But as soon as I arrive at my boyfriend’s family’s house, I’ll be switching straight into something a little more glam.

– Jodie, Editor

When it comes to dressing for any situation I always end up in the realm of smart/casual, this applies to Christmas Day too. I was on the Christmas Jumper trend way before it went mainstream, so I think that for me; tacky festive knitwear is out for the big day. This year I have picked out this great statement knit from Zara that is bang on trend but whose oversized nature will accommodate the tractional post Christmas-dinner bloat. I will pair this no doubt with jeans and a statement pair of earrings.

– Ben, Fashion Editor

So there you have it, that is how we are going to dress this festive period. What do you think ?? Tweet us and let us know…

Have a wonderful Christmas, from the whole PM Team x