We at PMHQ have noticed that over the past year a certain Ms Dion has resurfaced and moved beyond celebrity into the category that is reserved for legends – this is ICON status. An Icon is unequivocally the pinnacle of modern culture and a title that Celine Dion rightly deserves.

Celine Dion of ‘My heart will go on’ fame (naming one of her many legendary singles of an illustrious career) has gained somewhat of a cult status in the fashion world and is heavily Insta-famous. Her status began to rise last summer at the Haute Couture shows, and this year she rose to the occasion and blew up our socials.

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With her incredible Vogue video – which can only be described as a masterpiece in fashion and cinematography – and incredible ensembles, we are in LOVE with her and have sore throats from all the ‘yaaaaaaaaaaassss’ that we have screamed in her honour.

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However an icon needs to have more than just looks, so let’s break it down. Celine Dion, 49, former Eurovision winner (for Switzerland, 1988) is currently on her 13th world tour and has performed live to over 14,000,000 people. These figures alone make an icon, but wait there is more: she is the mother to three,  tragically lost her husband and brother to cancer in the space of 2 days, sales of her perfume to this date have racked up over $850 million, and she is a huge supporter of many charities.

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We want to celebrate Celine Dion’s incredible fashion because she has debuted so many incredible looks. With help from her stylist Law Roach, Dion is creating head to toe choreographed looks. Effortless chic is out of the window because this is how dressing should be done. The best bit? Matchy-matchy is back, all thanks to Celine Dion.

Celine Dion is an Icon.

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