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Vinopure is the name on everybody’s lips. This is Caudalie’s acne reducing range. Harnessing the brands vineyard-sourced ingredients. This range is designed to achieve immediate purifying results for combination to oily skin types.

Mathilde Thomas is the co founder of Caudalie. She created the Vinopure range “for anyone concerned and affected by skin problems in everyday life. This highly natural skincare routine, uses powerful active ingredients to restore beautiful and balanced skin.”

This range has quickly become an award winner, cult favourite with bloggers. To help you decide if these products are for you, we have 4 bloggers who all swear by the range. Giving you first hand advice on using the products.

Caudalie Vinopure Purifying Toner

Caudalie say “this highly natural toner, suitable for sensitive skin, tightens and unclogs pores. Whilst gently purifying and preparing the skin for the next stages of your blemish-control routine.”

From beauty blog mstantrum.com, Ashh gives a great review of the toner.

“It targets combination and blemish-prone skin to gently purifiy the skin and prepare it for the next stages. The highly natural formula works immediately to improve skin clarity, unclog and tighten pores and clear imperfections. Leaving the skin feeling clear and fresh.

The toner smells absolutely green, clean, refreshing and purifying like crunchy leaves covered with dew on a crisp early morning.” Ashh / Ms Tantrum


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Caudalie Vinopure Serum

Caudalie say “this Serum is an ultra-concentrated serum packed with natural and active ingredients to reduce blemishes and activate glow. The gel-like formula controls excess sebum, soothes and refines the skin texture.”

The serum seems to be top of the pile out of all the products in the range.

“I was a little skeptical about this. Since it does have salicylic acid and it totally sounds like a nightmare for my sensitive skin. Listen, I don’t know what kind of liquid magic is inside this bottle. My incoming breakouts reduced by 70% no more, like 90%” Ana Molina


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“I've been using this pretty frequently for the past two months now. Let me tell you- my skin is really happy about it. It's doing damage control with large pores, uneven texture, and blemishes in one go. I've realized that I don't think I've ever found a product that effectively addressed all of these imbalances.”

“The organic rose water in it regulates sebum, while the mixture of essential oils (a great symphony of spearmint, lavender, lemongrass, geranium, rosemary and lemon balm) helps keep bacteria and dirt at bay, too. Jenny Ong


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Caudalie Vinopure Mattifying Fluid

Caudalie say “this is a moisturising and mattifying fluid. That absorbs and controls excess sebum to restore a naturally balanced and radiant complexion.”


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The mattifying fluid is a great way to moisturise oil prone skin. Without overloading pores with more oil.

“Overall, I was satisfied with this moisturiser. It kept my combination skin hydrated all day and at the end of the day, the oiliness in my T-zone was minimal. This moisturiser is perfect for those hot summer days where sweating and oiliness is inevitable."

"For my combination skin, I probably wouldn’t use this during the colder months. If you’re oily and are desperate to find a mattifying moisturiser without pouring setting powders on your face, this one is definitely worth a shot!” Rachael/Skin Care Standard

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