It wouldn’t truly be winter without a new knitwear trend. Only this time around, the trend we’ve got our eye on isn’t really a trend at all… it’s a whole category of clothing.

One of the things we love about fashion is that you can rely on the new season shows to spark up many a debate. And here at PMHQ, it seems there is no bigger divider than the humble old cardigan. Yes, that’s right – our biggest debate going into winter revolves around whether the trusty button-up is finally cool again.

If you’re wondering how on earth fashion could make cardis a little more desirable, look no further than all the major AW17 catwalks. Every fashion house from Dolce & Gabbana to Saint Laurent showed a fresh take on this tired classic. Of course, the catwalk cardis (as we’re now referring to them as) came with embellishments, embroidery and other eye-catching features to jazz them up, but we know it won’t be long before the High Street follows suit.

Is that a good thing? Team PM battles it out:


When autumn hits, I turn to a trusty cardigan. For me a cardigan is a staple but for this season, they take any transitional outfit and makes it perfect for this time of year.

My best advice is pick one with at least some wool in it, so that it is nice and cosy. Also choose a colour that goes with a lot of your other clothes so that you will get maximum wear out of your staple buy!”

– Ben, Fashion Editor

“My #1 criteria when shopping for a new winter wardrobe is being able to layer… and for that reason alone, I think I can be swayed to buy a cardigan (or two) this season.

I’m usually much more of a jumper or jacket kind of woman, but the fun cardis have won me over just a little.”

– Jodie, Editor

“Unless you’re starting reception or a new job as a librarian… cardigans are not for me. There’s something that makes me itch and scream GRANDAD whenever I see them in-store or online.

Jumpers, on the other hand, look much cosier, effortless and who knows if you’re wearing a bra underneath.”

– Char, Features Editor

“The last time I wore a cardigan, I was ten, it was school photo day and I’d managed to spill sauce all over my white shirt… Needless to say I didn’t look comfy (I challenge you to find a well-fitting cardi) and I definitely didn’t look cool!

They could maybe be forgiven if they did a good job of keeping you warm, but they don’t even do that! My advice? Discard(i) the cardi and stick to the trusty jumper this winter!”

– Rachel, Events Editor


That’s our verdict. Where do you stand? Are cardigans cool again? Tweet us and have your say!