Have you ever been sat in your home wearing three jumpers, a dressing gown, and three pairs of socks because it’s so cold? You turn on the heating, but for some reason, the radiators just aren’t heating up. It’s very frustrating and can be damaging to your health too as you can get ill from being stuck in the cold for ages.

The best way to fix this is to figure out what’s causing the coldness in your radiators. So, here are a few common reasons behind this problem:

There’s Trapped Air Inside

First thing’s first, take a look at all the radiators in your home to see how many aren’t working properly. If you find there’s just one or two, then it might be down to trapped air. Air gets trapped inside your radiator, usually because you haven’t turned it on for a good few months, and it prevents it from heating properly. All you have to do here is bleed your radiator – which sounds more gruesome than it is. You just turn the little screw on the side until there’s a faint hissing sound which indicates air is finally being freed. You know when all the trapped air is out because water starts to spray from the screw, which is a good sign that you should tighten it back up. Now, your radiator should work properly and heat up again.

Your Boiler Is Bust

If every single radiator in your household isn’t heating up, then that’s a fairly good indicator of a problem with your main central heating system. Check your boiler and see if everything looks normal or if any warning lights are flashing, etc. It may well transpire that it’s completely broken, meaning you’ll need to undergo some boiler repair or get a brand new one installed. This is definitely the worst reason behind cold radiators as it requires the most work and costs the most money. But, it might be a good excuse to finally get one of those smart modern boilers – every cloud has a silver lining!

Your Radiators Are Full Of Sludge

Over time, it’s common for radiators to be filled with sludge and muck that collects at the bottom of the appliance. An easy way to see if this is your problem is to feel the radiator to see if there’s any warmth at the top but not at the bottom. Should this be the case, then your entire system needs power flushing to get rid of all the gunk. You’ll have to bring someone in to do this for you, but the result will leave your radiators heating up efficiently and to their full capacity once more.

The chances are you face one of these three problems if your radiators are refusing to heat up properly. Make sure you troubleshoot the issue and get it fixed ASAP so your house can return to the cosy dwelling it once was. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your house looks on the inside, if it’s too cold, it will be horrible to live in.