Brightening up your house is one of the most exciting things about being in charge of your own home. You can do this with bright paint, lots of bright colors and curtains, but the best way to brighten up the home is with light. Both artificial and natural light are important to the house, and you need to have the right balance of both to really appreciate how your home looks. You can put in as many colors and styles as you like, but without the right light to enhance it, there’s no point!

The last thing that you want is to have a home that looks dark with a lot of shadows, especially when you have pieces you want to accentuate in the house. You may choose to replace your existing windows with bigger once, and you can check out this homepage to find out how to replace the windows you’ve got. Natural light is a big feature that people look for when they are buying a house, and you likely did the same, too. Poor natural lighting is going to be the thing that contributes to the way that homeowners consider their next buy. Exposing your home to as much daylight as possible is vital if you want to have a healthy home, and exposure to daylight personally? Well, that’s going to add to your Vitamin D intake and brighten your home in an instant. With this in mind, we’ve got some fantastic tips for adding more light to your home.

  • Choose Light Colors. If you have small windows or giant ones, you need to ensure that you have lighter colors on the walls, floors and furniture so that the light will bounce right off of it. Introducing lighter colors to the walls of the home is going to help you to really enhance the space. Think about painting the walls a softer shade of white, and use light curtains and blinds to enhance the light that streams through. Replacing the windows to make them bigger will help you to add more light in anyway, but softer white paint is better than the bright white kind. Bright whites can look cold and negative – which you want to avoid for your house. The ceiling should also be a lighter color, as it adds a lot of height to the room when you have this color!
  • Add A Little Shine! Mirrors are a wonderful way to add some light to the space as the mirrors will bounce the light into those hard to reach corners of the room. You can make this go a little further simply by adding shine to the surfaces of the house! Shiny kitchen counters, shiny cupboard doors and glossy wood through the house give the light time to bounce, too. Reflection of light in the home is going to help you to brighten it up effortlessly. This can extend to the bathroom with shiny fixtures and splashbacks, and into the living room and bedroom with the right furniture and mirrors. Dark rooms don’t have to stay dark with the right natural light management. Those surfaces don’t all have to be mirrored and silver, either, but you can use white and pale colors. The lighter, the better!
  • Light-Friendly Flooring. While you may love carpet, choosing dark carpets will do more than show up the dirt. Dark carpets also make the rooms look dark, and if you want carpet through the house stick to the lighter options to make the room look brighter. When it comes to ceramic, stone or wood floors go for the options that offer a polished finish. This will reflect light better throughout the house, and they will reflect more light than the carpets, too.
  • Bring In Some Nature. Not everything in your house has to be reflective of light, not when nature will add a brightening effect to the house Greenery outside the house has as much of an impact on the lighting as bright and beautiful flowers inside the home. Trim back the trees and shrubbery outside the home to ensure that it does not encroach too much on the windows. Windows shouldn’t be covered up if you are looking to add light to the house, and you should pay attention to things that cover them on the outside as much as the inside. Bringing some nature into the house will make a big difference, and you can gain the added benefit of cleaner air at the same time!
  • Call In The Cleaners. You might think that your windows are clean, but there is a good chance that you’re wrong. The windows need your attention, and if you are outside cleaning down the greenery and making cutbacks, then you should consider cleaning the windows at the same time. There’s nothing more that can interrupt the light flow through the house than streaked, smeared and messy windows. You need as much light as possible to filter through the house and handprints and food smears are going to get in the way of that!
  • Upgrade The Windows. If you have the budget, the best thing that you can do is replace the windows with larger ones. You can also opt to replace an entire back wall of the house with bifolding doors that will open right up into the exterior space. This will allow you to bring in the light, offer you fresh air and you can really up the value of the house, too.
  • Go Artificial. On top of all of these natural lighting tips, you should consider what you can do about artificial lighting. Boosting the brightness in the home with artificial lighting is going to work well in your favor and you’re going to be able to add some stunning light features, too. Make sure that you go for LED bulbs as they will help you to use less energy while getting brighter light throughout! In the areas of the house that you need more light, go for bright white bulbs. Otherwise, opt for warmer light choices to bring down the glare. You can play around with the lighting that works for you, too.