We know you like to stay in the comfort zone, but sometimes things have to change. Just as with some corporations, Casual Friday is accepted. This allows employees to relax from their regular business attire once a week.

Here’s a tip that will work every time you have to wear your casual attire. A small detail, but with great importance are the coloured socks. They will instantly transform your fashion sense into a creative one. Also, they add points to your personality.

If you’re thinking about the style, you do not have to worry about it. There are many fun and quirky designs you can choose from, and there’s also a lot of funky socks from Australia that goes with any of the neutral shades you have in your closet, whether it’s black, grey, navy or brown.

In business, a formal attire will convey seriousness and command respect to the person you negotiate with, and pairing them with colourful socks will communicate that you are creative and knows how to have fun. Depending on your personality, you can choose colourful socks. We recommend that you keep your white socks only for sports activities. 

What socks do you wear during winter?

As usual, when winter comes we need to use thick clothing, winter footwear, and thick socks. And even if we spend most of our time in places where there’s a heater like at home, in the car, and in the office, thick socks should always come in handy during a cold season.

On weekends for example, when we are not as busy, as some other days in the week, when we can take long walks outdoors, go to a skating rink, ski, and do other winter activities, or even to just go outside to clean the snowmobile, all these times we need to wear thick socks.

A good pair of winter socks is made of high-quality materials. Thick materials with thermal properties are what they are usually made of, and the best ones conform to the shape of your foot.

Winter socks are thick and usually come in plain colours. But if you want to have a little fun, go for a colourful pair with crazy and unique designs.

Socks to keep you cool on warm days

You’d know it’s time to switch from your boots into a pair of airy footwear when the weather becomes warm. During this time of the year, breathable socks are a must. We wear easier and lighter outfits to avoid perspiring when it’s hot, but the same thing goes for our feet.

What type of socks should you wear?

Wool – this might be a surprise but yes, there are socks made of merino wool that keeps you warm in winter and cool in warmer days. This type is ideal for long summer days and outdoor activities like hiking under the hot sun.

Light socks – you can’t go wrong with lightweight socks. Did you know there are light socks made of materials that can still give you good cushioning no matter how light they are?

Do not go for cotton – we all know cotton is cool and soft, but the softness can easily drench your feet in sweat. Sweaty feet can cause unpleasant odours which we all want to avoid.

If you plan to go for outdoor activities like trekking or hiking, it is best to avoid socks and even outfits that are 100% made of cotton. They don’t just absorb sweat easily, they’re also not airy and causes blisters when they rub against your skin.

But this does not mean that you should completely avoid cotton socks. Compared to wool, they are still lighter. So it’s better to use one that has a low percentage of cotton.

Tips about socks

Although each man wears at least one pair of socks daily, they rarely receive proper attention. Even if they are hardly noticeable, socks say a lot about your personality. So, I think you need to know the following rules:

1) White socks are out of fashion.

In the past, we have been taught to wear white socks because they characterise neatness. Nowadays, they are only good for sports activities.

2) Always go black if you are unsure

If you are running late, choose black because black is a safe colour.

3) Match socks with the shade of your pants or shoes.

White trousers or boots make the exception to the rule. White socks look ugly in both white and white shoes. Click here.

4) Do not wear worn socks.

You never know when you have to make an unexpected visit or when you have to take your shoes off.

5) Do not wear long socks in shorts.

If you wear shoes, it is best to pair it with low-cut socks