We all want to have the glossiest and strong tresses, but we can never recreate the finish that you get when you leave the salon. Well until now, that is.

Keep reading to find out how to blow dry your hair like a pro.

Have you washed your hair correctly?

Okay, this might sound really obvious, but there are right ways and wrong ways to wash your hair. This all starts with the right products for your hair. Look at your hair’s need’s and pick your shampoo and conditioners accordingly.

Here at PlusMinus HQ, we are all fans of a blonde finish, so we are always combating bleach damage. We are in love with the John Freida Miraculous Recovery range. Which we use religiously.

Washing our hair twice in the shower, the first time to wash away the day’s impurities such as pollution and dead skin cells. The second wash actually cleanses the hair fully, then we condition. We do this in mid-temperature water to not overheat the hair.

It may seem like hair for beginners, but the way you wash your hair will directly affect the way in which it dries.

It is going to take time

Okay so getting your hair the perfect blow out bounce that even Kate Middleton would be jealous of, will take time. You cannot turn your hairdryer up to it’s highest settings and assume you will get the best results.

Using a mid temperature and taking your time over your do, will ensure you get the best results.

Is your hairdryer up to the task?

Seriously how old is your hair dryer? When was the last time you cleaned the filter at the back? Did you inherit it from someone else? Have you had it since you were 20? How can you expect your hair to look salon-worthy id your tools are not up to it?

We are huge fans of the Dyson Hairdryer. Don’t be put off by the hype and the price. IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY. It uses less direct heat, makes your hair softer than ever before. Also the way the air flows ensures the smoothest finish ever.

Do you have the right brush for your hair?

The texture, shape and quality of your blow-dry, relies on the tools you are using. There will be the perfect brush out there for your hair, but you need to find it.

Next time you are at the salon, watch your stylist, talk to them about your style, and the best brush to get that look every time you blow dry your hair.

Are you using a heat protector?

We shouldn’t have to ask this question, because surely you are using a heat protector! This is the barrier that protects your hair from direct heat because surprise surprise our hair doesn’t like heat.

The market is awash with products that all do very similar things. We love oils, rate serums and are fans of detangles. Choose your fighter and prepare for better blow dries!

Use your cool shot

So you have washed your hair correctly, tamed your mop with the right products and brushed it to perfection. There is one last step that will ensure that smooth, expressive look you only seem to capture in the salon chair. We are looking at the cool shot.

If your hairdryer is up to the challenge, and it should be by now, then you will have a button with a snowflake on it. This is a cooling blast of chilly air that smooths your hair, reducing frizz and flyaways. It also takes the heat out of your hair, which sounds silly but is important. When you take something out of the oven, the heat of the food keeps it cooking, the same goes with your hair.

Using the cool shot will ensure that you get the best finish on your blow dry.