If it’s one thing we love at Plus Minus, its taking your side-hustle to the next level.

Most bloggers start their channels to share their hobbies, passions and a place to document snippets of their lives. Who would have thought so much could come from it?

Natascha Cox, a beauty blogger and body image hero, has curated her own beauty brand, to be released this Spring and we cannot wait. She already has a cult following of beauty connoisseurs across the globe and we bet they cannot wait to get their hands on the uniquely designed products too, all reflecting Cox’s personality.

Taking Control

Unlike most beauty collaborations between brands and bloggers, this is Natascha’s own range. She has had full creative control from picking staple colours to some bold which we’ll be rocking for summer 2018 and for those grey days during winter.

Designed with fashion in mind, the unique diamond tip applicator is a change from the usual pointed tip most collections offer and we foresee it hugging every curve of our lips. Not only that, the luxurious gold casing will stop you pouring out your whole make up bag when you need a top up as it’ll be easy to find!

The Welcome Matte

The matte lipstick formula contains natural oils that will keep your lips moisturised throughout the day as we all know how drying mattes can be. We cannot wait to try out the Saviours collection and we’ve had our eyes on the shade Comfort, which would see us through brunch, to the dance floor, to those lazy weekends at home.



We do love nudes…

We got a little insight from Natascha Cox herself…

What is your favourite product from the range?

The SHEROS Liquid Matte Lipstick in Wild.

Where do you her brand going in future?

Absolutely, I will slowly introduce other make up products such as foundation, highlighter etc and then move in to skincare and fragrance later down the line.

What part of the process did you enjoy most? Choosing the colours? Branding? Packaging?

Chosing the packaging and getting the finished sample was amazing. It’s great when you put all the pieces together and see the final image and all your hard work in reality!

Releasing Beauty

You can now place pre-orders now with the full range to be launched in April (Date TBC). It will be available in stores across Sweden and the UK later this year. For now, you can browse the full collection over at nataschacoxbeauty.com