If you don’t currently have enough space in your home for your needs, chances are that you do have the room somewhere on your property, or at least the ability to create it, and it’s just a matter of finding it.

Of course, the are numerous ways to add much-needed extra space to your home, but some of them are definitely better than others. In this post, we’ll discuss them in order from best to worse, so that you know what is possible and what is most desirable, then you can make your own decisions…

An Outward Extension

If you can afford to build an extension, also known as an addition, to your home, and you have the space to do so,  then it will almost certainly add value to your home and give you the space you and your family need. Of course, it will take time, and your home will become a building site for a while, so it isn’t for everyone, but if you can handle it, it really is the best option available to you.

Extend Upwards

If you don’t have the space to extend outwards, could you extend upwards? If you can get the permission to do so, it should add nearly as much value to your home as an outward addition. It will,  naturally, cause you a similar amount of upheaval, but it will probably be worth it in the end.

A Conservatory

Adding space by adding a conservatory is probably the best option for those of you who are working on a tight budget, but it won’t add quite as much value as a solid addition. Still, if you can find a conservatory that’s affordable, well-made and durable, you could do a lot worse. Oh, they’re really great for getting the sun, too!

Develop the Basement

Converting your basement (if you have one) or creating one if you can get permission and it is possible for you to do so, is a good alternative to building up or out. You won’t typically get the same kind of return for your money when you convert the basement, nor will you get as much light in your space as you would with the above measures, but you will get lots of usable space that you can do up to look amazing. If that’s all you require, then it is a fine option.

Converting the Loft

Why is this so far down the list? Because converting loft space is often much more difficult (and expensive) than most people think, and the amount of space it creates can be limited. Still, if you have loft space that’s just sitting there untapped, converting it is better than not doing it and not having as much space as you could, if you can afford it, anyway.

Bring the Walls Down

This can be tough in some homes, but knocking down a wall to turn two rooms into one can free up a significant amount of space and make your home feel a lot more spacious than it was before. Obviously, you can’t take down load-bearing walls easily (or cheaply), so you’ll need to take that into consideration first.

Here’s to a more spacious home in the future!