Split ends, we all get them. However, we don’t all know how to get to rid of them! So if like us you want a cure for your split ends keep reading.

Work out what is causing them

Split ends happen to everyone, you are not a bad person for having them, but if you want a solution you first need to work out what is causing your hair to get split ends.

Split ends happen when the ends of your hair become brittle and frayed, and essentially they split. This starts at the ends but can go much further up the hair strand.

Split ends happen for a number of reasons:

-Exposure to extreme weather conditions (cold and hot)

-Heat based styling such as blow drying and straightening

-Chemical hair products- such as dyes and bleaches

So now you have worked out why you have split ends, let’s work out how to sort them out.

There is no cure

Sadly once your hair strand has split there is no going back. There is no hair product, method or hair stylist that can reverse that split end. The best thing to do is to give your hair a trim.

Trimming away the split ends will make your hair look healthier, ensure that your hair strands are stronger, and will encourage your hair to grow.

Less Washing

Our hair is naturally enriched with oil from our scalps, this natural oil is what eventually makes ourhiar look greasy. Washing your hair every day will wash away all those oils. The oils are actually designed to protect our hair, to keep it healthy and strong.

The oils produced by our scalp is to create a barrier to most damage and pollutants, that occur through day to day. No one wants greasy hair, but over washing will dry your hair out too much and encourage split ends.

Hair Masks

If you are the other way, and you already have dry hair then you need to bring in more moisture. Hair masks are a great way to up the moisture level of your hair and reduce the chance of more split ends occurring.

We love to leave a hair mask on for a good hour, so perhaps do it during your evening routine, to ensure that the mask has all the time it needs to really moisturise your hair.

Hair Oil

If you don’t have the time for a deep conditioning mask, then hair oil will do the same thing. You can use this daily to tame flyaways, and to smooth down the lengths of your hair. It will moisturise right to the ends of your hair, and will prevent any further damage occurring to your hair.

You can also use the oil as a deep treatment. Use three times the amount you would when styling and really work this into your hair. You will look greasy, but it is worth it. Now wrap your hair in cling film and go to sleep! The oil will penetrate whilst you sleep – what a life saver!