Recent events in the world have made it clear to us how fast we could get sick through our hands. We hear not to touch our faces with dirty hands all over the news. But, when you actually try to do it, it’s much more difficult. We’re all used to touching our mouth, nose, ears, or hair. Even when we’re sitting down, we lean on our fist or an open palm. 

When our eye itches, we don’t think whether our hands are clean, we raise them and scratch for a little bit. Women are better than men when it comes to controlling touching the face. That’s because they use makeup, and they’re used to not touching their face because it will ruin their stylish look. Because we can’t control how much we touch our faces, at least we can control how clean our hands are. Click here to read more.  

Hand sanitizers are great for this job. Usually, we don’t have running water and soap wherever we go. But we can always put a small bottle of hand sanitizer to take care of all of the germs, bacteria, and viruses that stay on our hands. Maybe you’re not used to putting it in your everyday carry bag, but after you read all the benefits, you might want to. 

It does the job and cleans thoroughly 

This product was created to kill germs, and it always does it. It kills 99.9 percent of them. You don’t have to worry about the 0.1 that lives. They can’t do anything harmful. The best time to use sanitizers is before you touch any food. You should always try to wash with warm water and soap, but when you’re in a hurry, you can just pop up some sanitizer on your palms and dive into your food.  

The biggest reason you should do this before you eat is simple. If you pass on the germs from your dirty fingers to the food you eat, you’re giving the viruses and bacteria a free ride inside your body. This Moxe article has a lot of great info. They get into your digestive system and can cause a lot of problems. Most of the time, that’s the cause for diarrhoea, but germs can cause a lot more severe problems too.  

They’re great for group settings 

If you’re in a classroom or an office, it’s easy to get sick. One person needs to cough or sneeze, and their bacteria will fly around the whole room. Now, you might breathe in some of these microorganisms, but your body has a mechanism to filter them out. These microbes usually get stuck inside your nose, and they don’t pass into your respiratory system.  

However, some bacteria will definitely pass through the defense mechanism. Also, some of the germs will get stuck on your fingers. Then, if you start touching your face, you will suffer a higher chance of getting sick. The same thing is true for gyms. Thousands of people use the same weights. View this link for more info

It only takes one sick person to lift the same iron as you, and you could get sick. A great piece of advice is to squirt some sanitizer after you use any type of machine or weight in a gym. This will minimize the risk of you getting sick, or maybe even spreading it if you’re an asymptomatic carrier. 

Your hands feel softer 

You should note that your hands will feel softer only if you use products that do not contain any alcohol. Those kinds of sanitizers improve the texture of your hands, and they make them feel softer and more hydrated. The ones which include alcohol, on the other hand, do a better hygienic job, but they also dry out the natural oils of your skin.  

If you use them too much, your skin might crack, which could be one way bacteria could enter your body. That’s why, if you plan on using any kind of sanitiser, you should have a cream as well. This will ensure that your skin is properly hydrated and perfectly clean at the same time. It’s best to use these kinds of products in the winter since that’s when the flu season is at its peak.