Belgo recently launched its Soho branch and invited us to attend a tasting experience last week to celebrate. While its menu lists the requisite mussels and frites, the collection of highly original Belgian beers – as well as various other features – cause it to stand out.


Indeed, the beer list includes 52 bottled and 9 draught craft beers. After tasting several of these, the unanimous favourite among the Plus Minus team was the quirky coconut milk-infused beer – served in coconut shells, no less.

Another very interesting beer was the St. Feuillien Grand Cru, which literally tasted like cider and vinegar crisps (without the crisps themselves). Sip it slowly, and in small amounts – it’s definitely quite the experience.

belgo 1

And then there was the food… The mussels came first, served in large silver pots. We were informed by the enthusiastic restaurant staff that they are sourced from the Shetland Islands, and are “rope-grown, grit free, and super-sustainable”.

We were then served large plates of lobster. Tip: if you’re going to order anything off the menu, make it the lobster. It was so delicious, and the butter completely enhanced its flavour without overpowering its light sweetness.

Belgo Soho belgian restaurant lobster

The wooden platters bearing pots of melted gruyère, crudités, and assorted cold meats and bread came next. We shamelessly dipped the French bread into the cheese; it was so good that it made us forget that there were still two courses remaining.

Once the empty platters were whisked away, they were immediately replaced by plates of half-rotisserie chickens, finished in an original sweet-chilli sauce.

Belgo Soho belgian restaurant

At this point, our stomachs were very satisfied, but one always has room for dessert. We were presented with several varieties of dessert schnapps to sample: white-chocolate, chocolate, cherry, melon, apple, and almond.

The meal was made complete by Belgian waffles topped with cherry compote, dark and white chocolate sauce, and ice cream. They were warm, fluffy, and surprisingly very light. Our tasting experience – or should I say, five-course feast – was then complete. There was absolutely no need to stop off at Wasabi afterwards.

belgo 3

Another highlight of the evening was the custom beer bottles. We had our pictures taken, and our faces were then plastered on complimentary bottles of beer, which we took home. A further remarkable feature of the restaurant is its series of caves that are named Heritage, Beer, Monks, and Moules. They are replete with bespoke decor, themed to reflect their respective names.IMG_5205

I speak for us all when I say that we had an amazing time at this restaurant, and recommend that you head to one of its five locations as soon as possible to experience the unique delights that the brand has to offer. We’d love to hear about your experience if you do!