After more than 2 or 3 runways the collections all start to blending into one colourful mash of clothes. This is why we know Jolin Wu’s show was exceptional, as we sit here still able to remember it like it has just happened. It was so much more than memorable though.

This collection, inspired by a vintage photograph of a crowd of people viewing a lunar eclipse, captured our attention fully. Seemingly evolving from the past, the collection asked the audience to stop and appreciate what was in front of us.

Breaking away from the seemly impossible fast current that is pulling us onwards, the collection evolved at a slower rate. This gentle development allowed us more time to understand and appreciate the work and the detail the garments were imbued with.

It may sound incredibly trite, but this collection spoke to us. We felt the change of pace, and we recognised the warm feeling of nostalgia. That is not to say that the collection is anything less that bang on trend. Sportswear had a retro meets futuristic vibe. That vibe was beautiful countered by irresistible knitwear in bright primary colours.

This collection was grungy yet peppy and fun. Blending for the first time, mens and womenswear, Wu has catered to an incredibly diverse and wide audience. We loved the high necked jumpers under dresses, the tailored coats, off the shoulder moments, technical fabrics. This collection was a joy to behold.

This collection on the surface was very modern yet somehow nostalgic.

It was polished, refined and incredibly detailed. However, the more we looked the more we saw there was real depth and emotion.

Wu designs from the heart, and has made a truly irresistible collection that has elements for everyone.