To us baths equal relaxation. Yes, a bath is the one stop shop to de-stress and to unwind. However, there is nothing worse than a bath that doesn’t meet your expectations.

Keep reading to find 9 Tips for the best bath of your life.

Make Time

If you want the most relaxing and effective bathing experiences, you need to actually carve out the time in your schedule to enjoy it. There is no point in trying to unwind and relax if you aren’t fully committed to the experience.

Plan ahead, mark it in your diary, tell your friends, make time for yourself.

Go Offline

Just like making the time will make your bath experience more pleasurable, going offline will do the same.  There is no way that scrolling through Instagram will be soothing. So leave your phone outside the bathroom, or if you need to keep track of the time, the bare minimum is airplane mode.

Set the scene

If like us, and silence can be a little too much, then pop on your favourite calming playlist. Make the most of the time you have, light some candles. We love soothing scents that compliment our bath fragrances, especially the ones from aromatherapy associates.

Grab a book?

A bath is a perfect time to catch up on your reading. It is a great way to increase the unwinding feelings a bath provides, as long as you don’t drop your book.

We recommend fiction, self-help could work, but might be a bit forced when you are trying to relax.

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Bath salts are packed full of minerals, which help to mimic the feeling of hot springs. The increased salinity in the water will make your body feel lighter, increase skin health, and make you feel incredible.


If salts seem strange to you, then oils could be the answer for you. Oils create the ultimate relaxation experience. We really love the ritual that they bring to the whole experience. To start, and to try and find the right scent for you, try a taster range.

We have tried the Aromatherapy Associates Miniature Collection and it brings you a great selection. Try all the fragrances and see what works for you.


Could bath bombs be the route to your relaxation zone? Let one fizz and bubble to provide your bath all the coloured foam you could ever want.

We recommend letting fizz its magic before you get into the water, allowing it to perfectly diffuse before you slip in.


Nothing can beat a classic bottle of bubbles. Clean, easy and very relaxing. Pick a bottle with skin softening properties, a relaxing scent and oodles of soft long lasting bubbles.

Avoid unnatural colours, and be careful if you have sensitive skin.

Don’t Ruin it

After you have unwound, and successfully navigated the waters of relaxation, you need to keep this feeling going. Try to avoid heading straight back to screen time, reduce your interaction with the internet. Continue the wind-down time, and maybe meditate or head straight to bed.

This is your time, capitalise on your moment of zen.