With the UK still basking in the glorious greyness of the British Winter, you would not be the only one seeking the warm embrace of summer. We don’t all have the budget of the real housewives of Cheshire for 17 holidays a year, so it is time to embrace the sunless tan.

Yes, fake tanning is an amazing and safe way to give you the glow you deserve even the bleakest months of winter. However, sometimes the tan can go wrong.

Keep reading to find out what to do when you get a bad spray tan.

The things you do after the tan is super Important

To avoid your fresh tan being messed up, the things you do straight after the tan are SUPER important. You want to wear loose and dark clothing so that your tan doesn’t stick. Never has anything been so important, but really try not to sweat. Sweating will break down the tan on your skin and cause patchiness.

Also do not wash, as water will literally wash your tan away. Please don’t cry – yes crying will cause streakiness on the face, and no one wants to look like that. Basically, avoid all moisture, this is KEY.

Drip Marks

You are leaving the salon with a fresh tan, that thus far is looking good. Yet it is raining, and you are SOAKED, how very typical. Well experts say that the inevitable drip marks you are going to have will be easy to fix if done quickly.

Using a small amount of body lotion to rub the marks and the colour should re-distribute. If you let these marks dry, then we recommend that you head back to the salon and get this professionally fixed.

Darker patches?

Have your knees, ankles, elbows, hands and feet gone darker than the rest of your body? If so mix a little lemon juice with baking powder, this can be then rubbed into the offending areas. This will lift some of the colour and reduce the difference in your skin. 

The Tan has gone Streaky?

It is always possible that the tan hasn’t settled as evenly as you had hoped, but never fear because we have the solution that you need. Jump in a warm shower and use a body polish, which has a finer exfoliating power which will not strip the skin. The body polish will gently buff the darker colour out of your skin and help to create an even finish.

If you have obvious patches and you really don’t have time for a shower, then dust some bronzer over the areas. This will help even out the tones and even enhance the tan.

The Colour is fading Un-evenly?

Well do not worry, every 2 to 3 days jump in that shower with an exfoliator. Focus on the darker areas and scrub (gently) at the offending areas. This will help reduce the darker pigmentation.

Can’t stand the colour?

Steam is your friend. Head to a steam room if you can, or try sitting in a room with a very hot shower. If you can stand the heat 20 minutes will reduce the colour by a few shades.

If you decide the tan really is not for you, stay in that steam until your pores completely release all of that tan, and you will be free of your orange nightmare.

Avoid the bad results with prep

All of these issues can be solved by good prep, read this to find out what to do!

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How to fix a bad spray tan

How to fix a bad spray tan