The first show of day three at London Fashion Week AW18 saw us heading to Apu Jan’s eagerly anticipated AW18 show. Using the live musical stylings of Dj QuestionMark, we were already feeling the fantasy that Jan had created.

The galaxies of space have had a direct influence on this collection. Speaking to the designer backstage, we delved into the use of stars in the collection. Apu Jan said that ‘we did stars in jacquard and different prints, but the stars also mean people’s relationships – also a network, like social media’.

The use of stars not only references the stars above us, but the light emanating from our phones from social media as our friends and family connect with us. Apu Jan was keen to emphasise that social media and the internet play an important part in his international business, but that it is also about striking the balance between reality and digital.

This balance was seen throughout the collection, with a mix of casual and tailored pieces. Draping in a way that felt casual and poised created silhouettes that felt modern and timeless. Elegant suiting in day coats and jumpsuits gave way to stand out pieces, with detailed crochet hats, detailed silk dresses, and clear plastic coats. The varied garments in this collection show the many lifestyles we face in the 21st century.

As in previous seasons, Jan has focused on the technical aspects of the collection, through print and fabric innovation.  The collection had a open ease to it, with models walking the runway in flat loafers and brogues. The sense of comfort that radiated from the collection and the models only emphasised the merit of the collection further.

After seeing this collection, we will happily drift in Apu Jan’s galaxy of stars this Autumn.