Skybridges go beyond what we think in terms of a typical bridge. A skybridge, by definition, is an enclosed or covered bridge that connects two (or more) buildings. They are true architectural wonders and with unique design and function, can add a special aesthetic and modern piece of architecture to a place. 

Here are some of the most amazing sky bridges that you can find around the world:

The Conservatory

Location: Chongqing, China 

The Conservatory is a sky bridge in China that is set to be the highest one in the world, sitting on four towers that are 250-meters high. It will include an observation deck so visitors can enjoy the view from above, bars, restaurants, an infinity pool and more. As a city, Choniquing is making strides to be one of the most modern urban centeres anywhere in the world, and the Conservatory illustrates this megacity’s dedication to infrastructure and development. 

Glass Bridge

Location: Zhangjiajie, China

The Glass Bridge in Zhangjiajie was built as a tourist attraction and open to the public in August 2016. It spans over two mountains in Zhangjiajie and with its glass bottom, one gets a clear view of the incredible landscape below. The skybridge is 430 meters long, and if you choose, there is a platform for a 285 meter jump.

Only 600 people are allowed on the Glass Bridge at one time, so it is necessary to reserve your ticket before entering. 

Marina Bay Sands Skybridge

Location: Singapore

The Marina Bay Sands Skybridge in Singapore is called the Sands SkyPark. Sands SkyPark is 2.5 acres and connects three 5-story hotel towers. It includes a 146-metre swimming pool (the longest in the world), rooftop restaurants, gardens, and a public observatory deck. From the skybridge, you get panoramic views of Marina Bay and of city views. On the Waterfront Promenade, you can stop to see the free outdoor light and water show. 

Petronas Twin Towers Skybridge

Location: Malaysia

The Petronas Twin Tower Skybridge in Malaysia is a double decker that connects two towers. It is the highest 2-story skybridge in the world and is uniquely not tied into the main structure but rather apart as a stabilizing piece for structural support. The double decker skybridge is 58 metres long and is open to visitors during the day. 

Kingdom Centre Skybridge, Saudi Arabia

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom Centre in Saudi Arabia is the world’s third tallest building, coming in at 302.3 meters. The SkyBridge sits on top of the tower and overlooks the city of Riyadh, making it a popular tourist attraction. 

Davenport Skybridge, USA

Location: Davenport, Iowa, USA 

Completed in 2005, Davenport Skybridge is 50 feet tall, 575 feet long, and it has 99 feet columns. It offers a birds eye view of downtown Davenport, the Mississippi River, LeClaire Park Bandshell, and beyond. It was constructed as a part of the Riverfront/Downtown Davenport improvement program, River Renaissance and connects LeClaire Park to a parking ramp on 2nd street. 

Would you be interested in visiting something like these sky bridges around the world? Or would you be scared of the height?