Since its establishment in 1959, Alpha Industries has gone from strength to strength, and their new SS16 collection is testament to their continuing success.

The new collection has a sport luxe feel to it, with clothing for both men and women.

It follows along the consistent pattern of Alpha Industries creating wearable authentic military garments with a smattering of modern updates.

Alpha Industries long jacket

The jackets in the SS16 collection stay true to their traditional heritage and it’s not hard to see why these iconic pieces have steadily gained a raft of celebrity fans.

From Cara Delevingne to John Travolta to Cher to Kanye West, celebrities in all industries are fans of their MA-1 jacket.

Alpha Industries female lying down

The MA-1 jacket has been described as the ‘heartbeat’ of the brand, and has even become synonymous with many subcultures, from Skinheads and Rude Boys to the Buffalo Crew and the Hipsters of today.

However, for anyone whose not such a fan of the classic jacket, there are some additions to their jacket collection with more modern, contemporary cuts.

Alpha Industries close up

The label was founded in Knoxville, Tennessee and the latest SS16 collection proves that while they are still staying true to their routes, the more modern cuts keep the brand looking and feeling fresh.

They have interpreted their heritage into products people want to wear because of their unsurpassed performance characteristics, design and quality.

Alpha Industries white outfit

We don’t know about you, but we’re loving the new collection and lusting after one of those MA-1 jackets!