If there’s one thing to look forward to as an adult, it’s the dinner parties. Whether it’s hosted by yourself or by a friend, whether it’s friends, or just family – a dinner party is always an occasion to look forward to. Getting everyone together over good food and good drinks can keep relationships strong over the years, and ensure that friendships blossom. What’s more, good food is never something to be turned down. It’s also a good excuse to show off your home!

The big negative to all of this? It’s the planning. The frustration and stress involved in tying together the perfect dinner party is hard.

Why? Well – a dinner party isn’t just a party. You can’t just get cake, some paper plates, and some good tunes  and call it a day. A dinner party is more reserved, more highbrow – a bit more of a special occasion verging on formal. That means the stress in trying to impress really is on, and it can really be something weighing down on the whole occasion.

orry not though – this time around, we’ll handle the main things, so you can just focus on the little details. Your next dinner party? It’s on us. Bon Appetit!Dinner party tips

Only cook food that you now how to cook.

It’s all good getting a new Sous Vide machine, but if you can’t use it – you’re going to ruin your food. Practice makes perfect, so for any dinner party menu, ensure that you perfect the recipes. You might be eating souffle for a few weeks, but it’s better than trying to improvise on the night!

Wow with a drink

Oh, take control of the drinks as well. This isn’t a frat party. Get some wine in, but also think about a signature drink – or cocktail. Use the right ingredients and for some ideas, check this kikori whiskey review. A signature drink might define the night, and it’s really something special. Make sure you’ve got the glassware to make it stand out as well!

Keep it simple

For aperitifs and starters, don’t go overboard. Seriously, you can get some great stuff pre-packaged. Ciabatta, olives, quiche, cheeses – appetizers are not usually memorable, so save the big bang for your main dishes.

Use a reciple

The BBC Good Food guide has plenty of ideas for simple yet killer mains. Lemon roast chicken, slow cooked lamb and seafood paella are all very simple yet effective dishes. Don’t be afraid to stick to classic dishes as experimenting can lead to disaster. And if you’re stuck for choice, size down the portions and add one as an entree (but only if it complements the main).

As for everything else? It’s on you! You know where to look for recipes and drinks, but all that fun stuff such as music, cutlery and dress code is your job now!