If you have a love for being active or want to change your lifestyle or tick off an achievement like a triathlon off your list, then having time to train is what is going to help you through. And if you’re a fitness trainer or a teach spin classes, then it is easy to get your training in. But what about those of us with conventional jobs that require us to be practically chained to a desk for most of the day? Is it possible to achieve all of your fitness goals and dreams when you lead a pretty sedentary life?

Of course, the answer is yes. You can achieve anything that you set your mind to. You just need to think about bringing your fitness goals to life and making a plan of what you can do. Here are some ideas to help.


Accountability can be a big motivating factor to get you moving more or to make sure that you are achieving your dreams. Take hiring a fitness trainer or finding a gym buddy, for example. There are plenty of ways that motivates you. You have to report to someone, and it can be difficult to cancel or put of a session. If these aren’t really options for you, then simply tell the people around you. If your colleagues know what you are training for or what you want to achieve, they are likely to ask you about it regularly. So in a similar way, you have accountability from that side of things too.

Avoid Injury

Getting an injury is a sure-fire way to keep you out and away from the gym and away from achieving your goal. So you need to make a plan to not put too much stress on your body so that you don’t get an injury. It could be making sure you stretch and warm up and cool down appropriately. It could be that you don’t push yourself too hard to start with. It can also be things in your normal life too. Having the right health and safety training can mean that you are lifting things in the right way at work and at home, so you don’t put strain on your back. Avoiding anything too extreme can be a good idea too; you don’t want to do race cart drive the weekend before your marathon, for example.

Pack Your Lunch

There is a phrase that you might have heard of, that abs are made 80% in the kitchen. So that means a pretty big deal for what you are eating. And not just to get abs; any kind of training will be better when you eat certain kinds of food. So make a meal plan and take your lunch to work with you. Salads with a lean protein can be made up ahead of time, as well as rice dishes and veggies. So you can prepare a large amount, and then you’re sorted for the next few days when you’re heading to the office.