We very rarely get much time to ourselves, so when it happens it is good to know what you should do with that time, so you don’t waste it!

With that in mind we have complied a list for that very occasion, so keep reading to find out what to do on a weekend alone.

Have a good old tidy

If you find yourself with a free weekend, and a freer house, then it might be a good time for a good old tidy. We all have that one drawer that is full to bursting with goodness knows what! Go through all of those things that you have left for a few days/weeks/months (delete as appropriate).

They say that a tidy house is a tidy mind, and we tend to agree. There is nothing better than seeing your hard work, and feeling very relaxed about it.

Table for one please

When was the last time you took yourself our for a meal on your own. Some people may say you have to be very brave to do this, but that is utter CRAP. Society makes us feel like we shouldn’t eat alone, but there is a sensual pleasure in having a meal alone.

You can pick whatever you want, take your time, or have it in a flash. Our advice, face the room, and enjoy the sport of people watching!

When was the last time you wrote a letter?

Yes this might sound like advice straight from the 1950s, but hear us out. If like us you hate replying to texts and just watch a call light up the screen of your phone rather than answering it, then a letter is a lovely way to let someone you love let them know how much they mean to you.

Grab a nice card, and a good pen, and get in touch with someone you love.

Shopping alone is heaven

Sometimes having the chance to meander through the endless floors of high-street stores at your own leisure is an absolute treat. Yes it is nice having someone with us to compare notes, but on your own you can do it however you want!

When we shop alone we have the time and freedom to do as we please. Want to walk around the Kings Road Zara three times, well now is the time!

Did anyone say Netflix Binge?

Having a truly free weekend alone, can only mean one thing if you don’t want to leave the house. Watch an entire box set of a seres you have been meaning to watch for ages. There is something very something very satisfying in watching a series start to finish over a couple of days.

Grab a blanket and the remotes and settle in!

Pamper Yourself

We all want to feel our best, but feel like we might not have the time to do that. When a weekend alone arises treat it like your very own spa weekend from home. Do a mini facial, take a long soak in the bath or treat your hands to that long over due manicure!

Whatever you do ensure that you are nice and relaxed!