Last week we headed on down to trendy city bar, The Botanist, just behind Liverpool Street station, for a taste of Fentimans drinks.

Fentimans, originally founded in 1905, and still owned by the same family, have been in the game of botanically brewed beverages for generations and over the past 18 months have been keeping up with this new sense of adventure that’s fizzed over in the mixer market.


Who doesn’t love a brand with a little history? And it clearly shows in every sip with Fentimans. Fentimans are the only brewer in the UK to use the time-honoured process of botanical brewing to produce natural and exquisitely crafted beverages that have a rich and complex taste. Now if only we were the rich part…

A Very Welcome Cocktail

We were greeted with a Rose Lemonade cocktail which is just as Instagrammable (and tasty) as it sounds. One thing we noted was that it really dulled the taste of alcohol and tasted like an expensive soft drink, without the fizz. We can picture ourselves having one too many this summer. 

Au Naturel

It is rare you find a drinks brand these days that use all-natural ingredients but this is something Fentimans prides itself on. Not to mention that you won’t need to worry about all these E numbers driving you mad. But best of all, they have launched a new tonic water, due to hit stores in spring and set to amplify the taste of premium gin. Now you can have a premium mixer and spirit. That’s the spirit we like…

Fentimans Marketing Director, Andrew Jackson, explained: “As more and more consumers continue to have heightened quality expectations and as renowned flavour innovators, it’s important that Fentimans create drinks that meet the needs of an increasingly discerning and knowledgeable audience. With the development of Connoisseurs Tonic Water, we have created the crème de la crème of tonic, that will delight even the most ardent connoisseurs.”

Connoisseurs Tonic Water has been produced with the utmost quality in mind to make great pairings with luxury spirits to accentuate the taste with the delicate botanical flavours found in artisanal and premium gin. We can see why the event was held at The Botanist, what a great pairing.

Fentimans is available to purchase throughout the UK and online from retailers such as Waitrose, Ocado and Drink Supermarket. The range comprises of ten flavours of soft drinks and nine mixers, plus a selection of pre-mixed alcoholic beverages. For more information, check out the Fentimans website.