This was another show that we were highly anticipating. As we entered the BFC show space in the strand, we could tell that the hoards of buyers, press and fashion personalities were all here for the same reason. Jakubowski is relatively new to the schedule, but she has quickly established herself as a serious player.

Seeming to build on the success of previous seasons, as well as her clear talents. Jakubowski sent some sublime pieces of tailoring down the runway, slick elegant and incredibly beautiful these set the tone for the collection.

This show was a big hint that tailoring really back for womenswear. Tailoring that is actually feminine, and wearable and covetable. Jakubowski is known for this, and this show did not disappoint.

The layering was exceptional giving a multi-wear approach to the collection. This was explained that there is not two wearers the same, thus the collection allows for this. Giving the final wearer full autonomy over their look, style and mood through dressing.

The colours were inspired by the turning season this collection will be availble in, with Atumun clearly visible in the pallete. Spliced skirts over trousers and long jackets over dresses in rich tobacco browns, tans, blacks, greys, clarets and reds. The colours and the layering made this a sensational collection to watch walk the runway.

We also loved the fun elements, with beautiful padding added to tailored garments, which will keep you warm in the cool nights of AW19. The attention to detail is what made this collection so incredible.

The beauty also grabbed our attention with sensuous Lilys held in the mouth of each model.

Another stand out season for Jakubowski, that as always left us wanting more.