Nowadays we can’t even make a little bit of noise without getting complaints. If you are listening to loud music, your neighbors immediately tell you to stop. If you plan to celebrate a birthday or have friends over, again, you need to be quiet. All of the walls are made of drywall, and you can hear everything from every side of the building. Sometimes you just wish that the sound was dead or if there was any way to stifle it so you can have a bit of fun. Surprisingly, there are many ways to deaden sound, and that can work both ways. No noise from outside will be coming to you. And, even better, no matter how loud you are, no one from outside will hear you.

Using acoustic foam

This material is mostly known as studio foam. You will distinguish it because it has a particular shape. It has a lot of pyramid-like wedges all around, which makes it easy to remember. This material uses the physics of sound to absorb it. It is extremely effective in doing it too. You can attach it to every wall that you have, and it will feel like you are alone in the world. Put them on your walls as panels or put them on the ceiling. If you’re into making music or recording anything that involves sound, these panels will be like a gift from the heavens. Even for people who are making podcasts or just love to make a movie theater at home, these will be a great choice. You can click here for more info.

Using acoustic fabrics

If you are a regular theatre or opera-goer, you might have noticed humongous curtains both on the stage and on the side walls. Of course, this is aesthetically pleasing, and it looks aristocratic as well. But those big curtains serve another purpose as well. They are made of acoustic fabrics to make your experience more enjoyable. And, as well as that, to protect the outside world from too much noise. 

The same acoustic fabrics are used in making studio blankets and blackout curtains. You can get these online and put them over a few walls in your apartment to reduce noise. These curtains will block outside noise from coming in. As well as that, they will decrease the sound from your apartment outwards. They are an excellent investment if you don’t have the time or the money to get a ton of acoustic foam and put it all over the walls. 

Soundproof boards or panels

Some of you may not like the look of the foam or the fabrics. But, the sound deadening industry is booming at the moment, and they invented something that will please everyone equally. They came up with the invention of decorative boards and panels that can also block sound. For more info about this, you can check out Soundproof Pros websites.

Many YouTubers are using these boards in their videos, and that’s the way they got so popular. Everyone who is involved in content and video creation wants to set up a beautiful little studio so the sound can go where it needs to go. And they reduce echo and outside noise to a minimum.

What should you do about the floors?

All of the above things are amazing at what they do. But, one question still remains. What should you do with the floors? This is a fundamental question because most of the stories these days are made of hardwood or laminate. These surfaces are entirely useless when it comes to absorbing sound. What you can do is decouple the cover on the floor and add a little bit of padding. 

The best ones are cork, polymers, and felt. If that’s not an option, then you can opt for thick rugs and carpets. They will at least partially do the job. That’s due to the fact that both rugs and carpets are thick. The thicker the material is, the better. That’s why old brick and mortar houses are so good at keeping sound inside. You can be yelling in one room, and no one would hear you two rooms apart.

Small things make a difference too

Putting a bit of tape on your doors and adding window inserts can go a long way. Especially if your goal is to minimize the sound coming in and outside your rooms. These two methods are beneficial because most of the air passes through doors and windows. If you have a drift coming in from your hall, that means you need to do something about it. The same is true if any light is coming from there too. Use a simple foam gasket and stuff the door. A lot of dust and bugs can come through those small light holes. That makes a mess inside and can lead to a ton of unnecessary bugs. Here’s some more info.

A few final words

Sound deadening is crucial in this day and age. If you want to have some peace and quiet, then you need to get a few materials and tools that will do the job. Those can be acoustic fabrics, foams, boards, or panels. Whatever your choice is, it will be a good one. All of those products are designed for one specific purpose. And that purpose is to help you lead a quieter life with no noise. Your neighbors will definitely thank you for it.