The New Year is fast approaching, and it is time to think about how we can all be brand new better people, NOT.

Seriously if you believe that rubbish, then we cannot help you. There is no massive change that occurs between the 31st of December and the 1st of January.

The new year is just a great way of ushering small changes that will make a huge difference, and allow you to benefit. So if you are looking for juice cleansing recipes and fat busting workouts, you better find another article, because we believe in resolutions that we will actually stick too.

Keep reading for 9 New Years resolutions that don’t suck, and will actually make you happy.

1. Read a new book a month

This is super simple, and a great way to learn new things or immerse yourself in an alternative universe. A book a month is only 12 books, which isn’t that much at all. If reading is really not your thing, try a subscription to audible which is just £7.99 a month and the first month is free.

2. Do the things you said you would

Have a to-do list that is unchecked, then check it. The new year doesn’t have to be all about new starts. Sometimes it is great to fix all the things that have been waiting for you. Need to fix that leaking tap, get it fixed. Need to wash the hoover filters, do it.

The small weight of guilt from avoiding individual tasks that we carry around with us can soon build up, by simply doing this, you erase this. Do them, you will feel so much better, trust us.

3. Adjust Your Finances

We are not talking an overhaul with a massive savings plan. It is way more simple than that, we are suggesting you reduce needless spending. Things like a coffee just because, a tube journey when you could walk, buying lunch instead of using what you have at home.

You can allow this to boost your monthly budget. Or you can actively save that money and buy something fabulous in 2020, suddenly that Gucci handbag doesn’t seem so extravagant.


4. Readjust your principles of Fashion

Consider what and how you shop. The amount of ethical, vegan and sustainable brands out there is growing. There has never been a better chance to shake up the way you buy clothes. We are not suggesting a full overhaul, but give more consideration to what comes into your wardrobe.

5. Buy an Alarm Clock

Charge your phone in another room, and have an actual alarm clock. Now the first thing you will reach in the morning is the clock and not your phone. The first half hour of your day is yours again, think of all the things you can get done. Or you could just sleep a little longer…

6. Use your Sunday

Do you have those Sunday afternoons where you feel like you are just waiting for Monday to start? Well go and do something, there is a myriad of options of things to do.

London has so many things that are Sunday specific, like the Barbican Conservatory. A lush green jungle in the middle of a concrete one, open certain Sundays for free. There is so much you can do with your Sunday.

7. Treat Yourself to flowers

American Botanist Luther Burbank once said, “Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul”. The New Year is a great time to use some of that well-earned money to treat yourself to a year of happiness.

We love Bloom and Wild, whose flowers post through your letterbox without you needing to wait all day for them. Super easy, and their subscriptions save you money too, now that is a win-win.

8. Say no, and mean it

It is time to start living the life you want to live. That involves saying no to things and feeling good about it. The key to so much irritating situations in life is that we feel we are being dragged along by other peoples decisions. Take control, make your own rules.

9. Buy Activewear, and actually use it

We know exercise isn’t always fun, we’re all in the same boat here. However, there are loads of things you can do at home, for free that are a great way to utilise that great workout gear.

Just make sure that whatever you buy ensures you will want to use it, so if you are not a skin-tight person, don’t buy it. The better you look, the more likely you will willingly put it on and use it.