Insurance isn’t exactly the most glamorous topic, we know. In fact, we usually throw it into the ‘boring life admin’ bin along with paying our council tax and doing our weekly online food shop and think nothing else of it.

But when we started to discover all of the many different types of insurance out there, even we were distracted from our double shot cappuccinos. As it turns out, insurance can cover more than just lives, cars and holidays.

Here are just some of the things we didn’t know you could get insurance for – and you probably didn’t either! How many had you heard of?

1 – Terrorism 

It’s the kind of extreme situation that no one thinks they will find themselves in – and nobody can prevent or see coming – but you can still get insurance for acts of terrorism committed against you and your property. Deacon insurance offers terrorism insurance as part of their specialist building insurance policies.

2 – Insurance 

No, we didn’t miss out a word. As meta as it may be, it’s possible to get insurance for your insurance. This is usually only in extreme cases, for example if you want extra protection in the case of a hurricane, but it does really exist.

3 – Animal bites 

Ever been bitten by a dog? Turns out you could have had insurance for that.

4 – Giving away £1 million

Did you know that the producers of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? were insured for paying out the jackpot. That means every time somebody won, they would receive some compensation.

5 – UFOs

It seems this one may be more common in the United States, but a surprising number of people take out insurance against UFO invasions, meteor damage and, er, alien pregnancies. We think somebody’s been watching too many sci-fi films…

6 – Your identity

If you’re ever feeling worthless, think about how much money you might lose if someone stole your identity and took out loads of loans in your name. When you think of it like that, it doesn’t seem so crazy that you can insure your identity.

7 – Rotten pizza 

Have you ever woken up, maybe a little hungover, and remembered the slice of leftovers Domino’s waiting for you in the fridge? Now, imagine you drag yourself into the kitchen and find the fridge is no longer working and that pizza has to go in the bin. Distraught? You wouldn’t be if you had ‘spoilage insurance’ for it.

8 – A random fee

Worried about being kidnapped? Worry not – kidnapping random insurance will ensure you can buy your freedom if your life becomes a scene in Taken. It may sound extreme, but it’s not an uncommon type of insurance among the rich and famous (who, let’s face it, face a slightly higher risk than we do).