Forget swiping right – online dating is making a comeback so you can log out of your (least) favourite dating app for good.

Online dating changed the dating landscape when it first appeared, but it disappeared almost as quickly as it popped up, giving it a bit of a stigma. Now, however, we’re taking things back a step by giving online dating another go.

Here are 8 reasons to try online dating in 2018.

1 – There’s a site for everyone 

There are more online dating sites than ever, which means there more online dating options than ever. There’s a site for every romantic preference and plenty of potential matches on each.

2 – Say what you want 

Unlike a quick meeting in a bar or a 100-character bio on an app, a dating profile lets you go into more depth about your wants and needs. Daters like to know what you’re looking for as well as who you are, so don’t be shy – if you’re looking for someone who wants to travel the world with you or won’t hate your dog, put it out there.

3 – Know what you’re looking for

Fed up of going on an endless string of first dates with people you have nothing in common with? Online dating websites give you more information about your future date than a quick bio or series of selfies ever could.

That means you have more chance of knowing about any deal-breakers – or deal-makers – before you begin chatting.

4 – You can find real love 

Although dating apps were designed for, well, dating, you never really know what the other person’s intentions are. While you might think you’re meeting up with a potential love interest, the other person might only be in it for the night.

When you use an online dating website, you know the other person is interested in finding something long-lasting too. If not they wouldn’t have taken the time to register and make their profile.

5 – You can put out your best self 

On a dating website, you can build a profile of yourself – a bit like a dating CV, if you will. That means you can highlights your best bits and put out an accurate version of yourself, without being judged on your looks alone.

6 – The pool is huge 

There’s never been more fish in the sea, and online dating websites prove that. Not all dates will go to plan, and having a pool of potential suitors to match with will make you feel better after any dates that don’t go so well.

7 – It’s easier to meet someone

We all live such busy lives and meeting someone in real life, no matter how great it sounds – isn’t as easy as it used to be. Our dating lives are now as digital as the rest of our lives, and the stigma of using dating websites no longer exists. And with so many potential matches to choose from, there’s no better way to find a date in 2018.

8 – There’s no obligation

Just because you meet someone from a dating site, there’s no obligation to see them again. Parting ways after an unsuccessful date isn’t unusual – and certainly less awkward than avoiding the friend of a friend you were once set up with!