So often we spend a lot of our time wrapped up in our own existences, focusing on only our issues. We forget that other people may be struggling in just the same way as we are. It is quite possible to get through life without out noticing other people all together.

This of course is an extreme version of events. Sometimes we do need to shake ourselves out of our solitary existences. There are really simple ways to make other people feel great about themselves that will leave you feeling better about yourself too.

Keep reading to find out 7 Ways to make someone else’s day…


On your commute how many people do you see, walk past and ignore? Literally hundreds. Without any pressure whenever you make nay eye contact with a passer by, smile. A small and incredibly simple action can really shake people to be aware of their surroundings, and the joy of a brand new day.

Tell someone that they look great

We don’t know about you, but we see so many amazingly dressed people on the tube, and we never get a chance to tell them how amazing they look. When was the last time you were complimented out of the blue? Well, give that chance to someone else by telling them how great they look.

We all seek validation and having a stranger telling them they look great, will be a great confidence booster.

Pay for their coffee

Coffee is life, especially when life throws so many curveballs at us. How nice would it be if a complete stranger paid for your daily fix of caffeine?

Well you could be that person, simply pay for the person in the queue behind you, and make their day with the gift of free caffeine.

Call your friend

We all have long distance relationships, friends that we have known FOR EVER. That one person who knows us better than we know ourselves. CALL THEM.

Seriously when was the last time you spoke to them. Knowing that you miss them, and care enough to take the time out of your day to get in touch, will make their day.

Be supportive

If someone at work talks to you about their struggles. Actually try and support them on their issues and concerns. Give advice if you can, or help them discuss the problem until they come to a resolution in a way that somehow solves the problem for them.

So many people struggle alone, and having your support could make the difference for them.

Really Listen

Start a conversation with a colleague , friend or even a stranger and REALLY LISTEN. Listening is a key part of connecting with someone on a deep level.

It also connotes a certain degree of respect, and equality. You are giving the person the same level of importance you feel that you deserve. In short it goes some way to making their day.


Send a letter. Buy a bunch of flowers. Give someone a new eyeliner. If you are able to do so financially, then surprise someone in your family. A small and not too significant expression of love can go a long way.

Small actions have the largest consequences and can give your recipient a huge surge of endorphins and leave them feeling wonderful.

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7 ways to make someone's day

7 ways to make someone's day