Over at PMHQ are some of the biggest fans of vegan clothing, and shopping ethically. One big part of this is ensuring we aren’t hoarding mountains of unworn clothing.

You may remember when we guided you through shopping for conscious clothing, that sorting and selling your unwanted clothing was a great way to be more conscious.

However, it is also a great way to make money to invest in things you actually want. Or you can put it towards bills and living expenses. Or if you manage to sell well, you could really treat yourself.

The only thing that is standing in the way between you and that well-earned money is the actual selling. Keep reading for all the tips for selling dresses on eBay, and anything else you want to sell for that matter.

Look at other listings

The best way to work out how you want to go about selling is to look at how other sellers are listing similar items. This way you can see what information other sellers have prioritised, what categories they have used, and how many people are watching the item.

If you can’t see many other similar items, you can probably assume that this is rarer, and may make more money. Also be aware that summer dresses may struggle in the height of winter, so maybe put that they are great for holidays, to provide a market even in winter.7 tips for selling dresses on eBay

It must be presentable

If it has been in your wardrobe for a long time, hanging, ironing or steaming the garment will make it look far more sellable than if it is all creased.

You wouldn’t buy something in a shop if it was wrinkled and creased, think of the listing as your shopfront.

Take great Pictures

This may be obvious to you, but we have seen so many poor listings that we feel we must mention this. The best way to show clothing is on a model.

Grab a friend and have them wear the clothing for you, and take as many angles to really show the garment. Try if possible to take these in a well-lit room, outside and always in daylight.

Try for at least 5 pictures, but 10+ is ideal. Showing the labels, care instructions, details of the print or material. This may seem like a lot of work, but it will make the buyer more confident with the item and thus more likely to buy your garment.

Say how many times it has been worn

Quite often when we go through our wardrobes we find things that have never been worn. If this is the case, SAY SO.

It will make the buyer feel they are getting a brand new item. If you have only worn it only a few times, also mention this.7 tips for selling dresses on eBay

Give style tips

In the pictures, show people how they can wear the item. If the dress would look great with a pashmina, take a picture styled like that.

Just like shop mannequins give outfit ideas, you can also suggest how your buyers can style their garments.

Put Events in the listing

Someone may be searching for a dress for a wedding, and may search for ‘wedding guest dress’. Your dress is more likely to come up in that search if you add ‘wedding’ to your listing. We recommend listing titles like this one “Lipsy Sequin Dress For Christmas Party Wedding Guest Or Occasion”.

Adding in small details like this will make sure that your garment will be seen by more people.

Give a really detailed description

People on eBay know that this isn’t Topshop, however, they don’t want to waste their money. So with that in mind, have as much information in your description. State the size, say if it is true to size, fits smaller or larger. If there are areas of damage, be upfront about this. Also add in details about the colour, the style, and how old it is.

Being this honest will ensure that your buyer will be happy, and this reduces the risk of disappointment and buyer disputes when the winning bidder receives the item.

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7 tips for selling dresses on ebay

7 tips for selling dresses on ebay