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The term Feng Shui might instantly fill you with confusion and can seem way too ‘out-there’ for most of us. But there are plenty of elements in this ancient Chinese practice that actually work and can be easily applied to your home and life for low to no money.

What is Feng Shui?

According to the experts, feng shui is a practice based on the idea that our homes are a mirror of what’s happening inside of us. Whether you’re aware of it or not, your environment and your relationship with it are constantly affecting you. By applying the practise of feng shui, you will be aligning your environment with your personally and your goals.

Another way to explain this is feng shui helps you to harmonize your energy with your home’s energy, allowing you to thrive and reach true happiness in all areas of your life. However you do not have to become a guru at this practise to apply it to your life – you just need to follow a few simple tips, which will start to transform the energy within you and around you.

Follow these simple tips to apply feng shui to your home….

1.   Declutter your home

Chi is a Chinese word meaning aliveness and life force energy. Chi is the energy of life itself, recognized as the balance of Yin and Yang, male and female, positive and negative. This energy flows through everything in creation.

Chi energy stagnates whenever there’s clutter in a space and can become a massive drain on your environment and mindset. The worst areas in homes can be stacks of paper and books, crowded cupboards, piles of clothes and too much furniture in a space.  Do not fear though because you can easily free up the trapped energy by being ruthless and having a good old clear out!

Remove any unwanted items and use a cupboard organizing system to get the most out of your storage space, to keep the area neat and tidy. Keep walkways clear, so you and the energy can easily flow and move throughout the space. Refrain from allowing dirty dishes to pile up and clear the dustbin regularly. If you struggle to keep your home tidy, you can create a declutter list to keep you on track and to help with your cleaning schedule.

2. Add a water fountain

The flowing energy of the water symbolizes, wait for it……! Yes that’s right, this flowing energy helps more money to come your way. There are some rules though when choosing where to place the fountain in your home, which if not followed, can actually reverse the effects.


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 You must place the water feature/fountain in your ‘wealth corners’, which are southeast, southwest and north of your home. If these areas fall in your bedroom, bathroom or kitchen though, you must avoid these rooms and place the water feature in the wealth corner of your living room or home office. Also never have a fountain under a stairway, as this can cause illness or other misfortune to children.

If you prefer an outside fountain, you can have one in the wealth corner of your garden or placed at your front door. If you choose the front door position though, the direction of the water must flow towards the front door. This symbolises the energy of income flowing into the home, if it flows the other way, it will symbolise loosing money!  If you have a big enough driveway or a small flowerbed opposite your front door, place the water feature there.

Here are some more water fountain tips….

  • Don’t put a fountain in a bedroom as this can cause problems with breathing, colds, and other ailments.
  • Don’t have a fountain where you can hear it from where you sleep. Shut your door or move the fountain so that you do not hear it while sleeping. To do so could cause you to have colds or respiratory problems.
  • Don’t put a fountain in a bathroom.
  • Don’t have a fountain directly below a bedroom. Sleeping over water is not recommended.
  • Don’t put a fountain to the right of the front door as you are looking out of your house. This can cause extramarital affairs for the man of the house.

3. Clear the entryway to your home

The front door is very prominent in feng shui. It is a very important aspect of the home and should be looked after with care. Experts report that to let chi energy flow right into your home and life, it is vital that the main entryway is kept free from obstacles and objects. The entryway of most homes can become a dumping ground for shoes, post, bikes and toys, all of which act as a blockage for that feel-good chi that wants to enter your home. If you fall victim the entryway clutter, invest in some simple hallway storage options or get into the habit of clearing away the mess, rather than letting it build up.

 4. Give your career a boost with good desk placement

Who knew that by simply rearranging your home office furniture, you could actually give your career a boost for the better! The advice is to position your desk so it is facing the door of the room, which will encourage more opportunities to flow into your life. If you cannot turn your desk to face the door, place a mirror on your desk or wall so you can easily see the door in the reflection.

Cuckooland desk

Credit: Cuckooland

5. Keep the bathroom door and toilet lid closed

This tip will make sense to most people, as the bathroom and toilet is an area dedicated to clearing away waste from the home and needs to be treated differently than other rooms. The age old battle of whether to put the toilet seat down or not has folks all over the world torn, but closing the lid has many benefits you may not be aware of.

In feng shui, it is advised to keep the toilet lid closed when not in use, especially when flushing, to prevent family wealth and finances from being flushed from the house. Also it is important to keep the bathroom door always closed, to keep the area where wastewater collects separate from the house.

6. Add plenty of plants

Indoor plants can radiate so many benefits for you and your home. Not only do they look and smell amazing, but also can bring about, if placed in the right position, some great energy. When choosing what type of plants though, there are some to avoid more than others.

Good Feng Shui plants

No feel good feng shui energy can thrive without clean, good quality air, so you need to choose top air purifying plants for your home. The good news is there are so many beautiful plants to choose from. Some great plants to look out for are….

Bamboo Palm – Adds a peaceful, tropical feeling to the environment. This plant is most resistant to any insect infestations.

English Ivy – Easy to grow, hardy and very adaptable.

Dwarf Date Palm – Can tolerate low levels of light.

Rubber Plant – Excellent ability to remove toxins from any indoor environment and will survive in dim light and cool temperatures.

Peace Lily – Easy to care for, with a strong and peaceful energy.

Mia Fleur Plant

Credit: MiaFleur

Bad Feng Shui plants

Plants with bad feng shui are due to their shape, which can bring undesired energy to their environment. For example, the cactus plant is known as a bad feng shui plant because the energy is ‘spiky’. Other plants include….

Bonsai – Plants with red flowers and bonsai trees should not be kept inside the house. However, you may keep them in an open space or garden.

Babul– Thorny trees including Babul can create disputes at home.

Tamarind & Myrtle – It is believed that evil spirits dwell in tamarind and myrtle tree; therefore, care should be taken to avoid building a house where such trees are present.

Potted-plants in the North of your home – Be it small or big, avoid keeping potted plants along the North walls of the house.

Dead plants – Never keep dead or dying plants at home. Even dry flowers are considered bad luck.

Positioning of your plants

Add plants to the east, southeast and south areas of your home for excellent feng shui. To spice up your love life, place three or nine plants in your bedroom to enliven the energy and to add hope and cheer. By placing a top air purifying plant near your computer in your home office, it will absorb some of the negative energy the computer and other devices give off.

7. Remove mirrors in the bedroom

If you currently have a mirror in your bedroom that reflects the bed, it is advised to remove it completely. Old feng shui traditions teach that a mirror reflecting the bed will create infidelity by inviting a third party into a marital bed. If the mirror is part of a piece of furniture that can’t be moved, then cover up the mirror part or adjust the position so the bed is not reflected. In this practice mirrors are a water element, which can create restlessness and illness in a bedroom.

Sweet pea and willow

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