We have told you about the benefits of habit tracking, and how it can shape your life. Today we are bringing you the best habits to track to give you more control over your future.

Keep reading tot find out which 7 habits to track if you want to be successful.


Now this may sound obvious, but in order to become successful you are going to need to harness the motivation to do so. We recommend charting how you feel each day, and throughout the day. This way over a few weeks you will be able to pin point the times of day and days in the week when you are the most motivated, and thus more productive.

This will provide you with a tailored timetable that will ensure you can work at your highest potential and will put you on the right track to success.

Procrastination and Distraction

How many free afternoons have we all let go to waste by spending hours endlessly scrawling on our phones. Double tapping will get you nowhere if success is what you are looking for. Tracking your time spent procrastinating will actively encourage you to curb this bad habit.

Encouraging yourself to procrastinate less will ensure that the time you set aside to actually work is more focused and beneficial. We all need to scroll from time to time, so allow yourself rewards and breaks, by having 5 minutes in an hour to check those direct messages and to scroll through your insta crush’s feed.


If you want to be successful, then you are going to need the energy to do this. The best way is by getting the right amount of sleep for you. Don’t think we are sending you to bed at 9pm every night. No, not at all, instead we are suggesting you track your sleep to see how you work following variation.

Perhaps you are not a 10 hour a night person, but work better on 6 hours with a power hour nap in the afternoon. However, unless you track your sleep, you will never know.

Free Time

It is just as important to track and manage your free time as your work time.

Essentially if you work to hard you will burn out, ensuring you will never succeed. By tracking your free time you can schedule important down time to maintain a healthy balance in your life.


Just as vital as sleep, if not more.


Trust us – it works.

Screen Time

More than ever before being successful requires an incredibly large amount of screen time. Whether you are at a computer typing or in front of screens editing footage. One way or another some days you can  be in front of screens for 12 hours.

We have not lived with the technology we all use day in and day out long enough to know the full effect it could have on us. However, we know that it can’t be good for us. Track your screen time, and make sure that you give yourself regular breaks. Have your eye health checked regularly as well- as screens can do bad things to our windows into the world.


Success shouldn’t have to come with loads of struggle and misery. You can work towards something without getting to enjoy your life. Track your emotions, yes you may have killed it yesterday by cracking out 15 hours of work, but if your mental health suffered then you will be paying back that debt for a long time.

It is super important to weigh up the choices we make in regard to success with our happiness and life as a whole. The whole point of habit tracking is to work towards a positive outlook and future.

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7 habits that will make you successful

7 habits that will make you successful