We work hard for our money, and sometimes we don’t want another £30 dress that will fall apart in three weeks. Yes we are feeling ready to invest. However, it can be very hard to know what to invest in, we do not want to waist our money.

We have compiled the best pieces to invest your hard earned money in. Keep reading to find 7 Designer pieces to invest in today.

Diane Von Fustenberg Wrap Dress

DVF is a legend in the world of the sensuous wrap dresses, she practically invented them! They will never go out of style. They are easy to wear, and because of the wrap nature means they will adapt with you as your body changes.

We love this classic polka dot number, that is bang on trend now, but will last for ever!

Fendi Baguette

Baguettes are TIMELESS. Just as they were perfect for Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha in Sex and the City, they are perfect for us. Bag a Baguette today, and watch as its value soars. This one in particular is a limited edition from 2019, so really is a huge investment for your future.

Big or small the Baguette is the perfect bag that needs investing in.

Burberry Trench

The coat to end all coats. Not only is this the most practical designer piece on this list, but it is the most timeless. You can buy a vintage one, and they have hardly changed. So grab a timeless trench that you will wear year after year.

We suggest the classic tan colour, as it will never loose favour. If it is too light for you, then we suggest black or navy for a classic twist.

Gucci Loafers

Since the revival of the house 2015 by Allesandro Michele, Gucci has gone back to is 90s height of success. The iconic house pieces that have done well are the loafers and the bags. The loafers will never go out of style, thus are the perfect investment.

Maintained correctly, and possibly resoled from time to time, these loafers will last you a lifetime.

Max Mara Camel Coat

Max Mara are known for their coats, and the camel coat is LEGENDARY. Yes they are INCREDIBLY expensive but you will be wearing this coat FOR EVER. So many of the most stylish women in the world have a Max Mara coat in their wardrobe.

take a note out of their book and invest today. 

Chanel 2.55

Okay so if the Baguette was not the investment for you, then swing by classic avenue. The Chanel 2.55 is the ultimate classic bag. We cannot stretch to the retail price, so we are heading too vintage for our investment.

Vestiaire have some of the best pre-used Chanel bags, that are verified and authenticated before your payment is taken!

Balmain Blazer

Balmain is a house full of history, known for their incredibly chic style. Now under Oliver Rousteing Balmain is now synonymous with sexy dressing, and impeccable tailoring. The Balmain blazers are legendary and have fans all around the world.

We adore these blazers, and their incredible shape. If you have ever wanted a really good blazer, then Balmain is the place to invest.